Learn Astrology

There are many great astrology teachers and programs to learn astrology from. Here are a few resources that we recommend if you'd like to get started. While there is no one official governing board that certifies students in for professional astrology practice, there are many individual programs that offer certification and certificates of completion. These certificates may not be well recognized by the general public, but they will help you feel confident in your abilities as you begin to work with clients.

Astrology University

Astrology UniversityAstrology University connects students with some of the best astrology teachers from a variety of astrological disciplines. Students can learn basic natal astrology, psychological astrology, evolutionary astrology and more. Visit Astrology University to get started.


Steven Forrest's Astrologer Apprenticeship Program

Steven Forrest's Astrology Apprentice ProgramSteven Forrest's Astrologer Apprenticeship Program is one of the most successful and long-running astrology training programs offered today. Taught by one of the most successful practicing astrologers in the world, this program draws students back year after year because of the breadth and depth of the material, as well as the practical and accessible training. Visit Steven Forrest's AP Program site to learn more.