Joan Kiley

Joan Kiley
Archetypal, Evolutionary
Natal, Progressions
Joan Kiley
Circlework, Travel, Hiking, Animals
Most readings are $150. If the client wants more than one chart considered, as in a relationship reading, the rate increases.

Sessions are recorded unless the client prefers otherwise.
I have been a practicing astrologer for over 35 years. I use an evolutionary approach, seeing each chart as the symbol of what the universe needed to call into being at the time of birth. For individuals, the chart reveals the soul’s purpose in this lifetime, what it is called to heal, change, evolve, and contribute to human consciousness. The archetypal nature of each symbol of the chart—planet, sign, house, aspect—means there is no “good” or “bad”, and no “cause” or “effect.” Evolution, change, growth is not only possible—it is called for. I see the symbols in the chart as reflections of natural affinities, energies, and patterns of behavior. When we integrate them we get a picture of a very unique life, with propensities, opportunities for experience, and most of all—choices. Deciding what choice(s) to make is often what creates anxiety, pain and confusion. Our choices are also what bring us a feeling of empowerment, fulfillment and meaning. Optimal choices enable us to grow into the most of who we are meant to be—giving us that internal YES! feeling of congruence with our true nature. A reading of the chart can be extremely effective in clarifying optimal choices. A reading can reveal what is being called to evolve, and give guidance as to how obstacles to change may be removed, healed, or integrated.