Veronica Hartman

Veronica Hartman
Business, Career, Electional or Good Timing, Natal, Predictive, Relationship, Forecast & Transits
Veronica Hartman
Astrology, Hypnosis, Self-Empowerment, Reiki
Awareness through Astrology
Natal Chart Consultations - $100 per hr. - includes CD
Solar and Lunar Returns - $100 per hr. - includes CD
Secondary Progressions - $100 per hr. - includes CD
Electional Astrology Consultations $100 per hr - includes CD
New Moon Workshops - $25
Solar Workshops - $35
Basic Astrology Class - $400
Planetary Phase Astrology Class - $400
Intermediate Astrology Class - $400
Advanced Astrology Class - $400
Veronica G. Hartman began her journey in 1989 in a search for self empowerment when she began studying astrology. She created Awareness through Astrology in 1990 as a business offering personal and business consultations, as others sought her out as a cosmic guide! As a result, she utilizes your natal birth chart and astrological principles as a tool to guide you through the internal reality of your life which manifests external circumstances and events.

She is a firm believer that one creates their reality through their thoughts, emotions and actions inherent in their natal birth chart. It is through the awareness of one's internal map of energy that one can change their life destiny; and that no one is at the mercy of the cosmic energies of the planets; as Isabell Hickey states, "the stars impel but do not compel". (1) Veronica is a certified professional astrologer by NCGR (National Council Geocosmic Research).

Veronica also offers astrology classes on the levels of basic, intermediate, and advanced. She is a self taught astrologer who studied with the late Robert “Buz” Myers and teaches the Planetary Phase work he created.

Another facet of Veronica’s journey has been through the empowerment of Reiki. She is a Reiki Master in the Sei-Chem Usui lineage and offers individual sessions or attunements at the 1st, 2nd and Master level. Attunements qualify for CEU's through the State of Tennessee for massage

Alternative Learning Technologies was created in 1999 to provide certification trainings in NLP, Time Line TherapyTM and Hypnosis as well as personal empowerment sessions to assist others to Stop Smoking, Release Weight, and release negative emotions and limiting decisions.

Veronica’s primary goal in utilizing the tools she has acquired throughout her personal quest for self empowerment is to assist others to transform their lives as she has transformed hers.

Veronica G. Hartman is an Astrologer, Reiki Master, Certified Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming by the American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Certified Master Trainer of Time Line TherapyTM through the Time Line TherapyTM Association as well as an Instructor of Hypnosis through the American Board of Hypnotherapy. She is also a Master Practitioner of NLP, Time Line TherapyTM and a Master Hypnotist. Veronica is an Ordained Minister of the Universal
Brotherhood Movement; an Interfaith Ministry.

(1) Isabell Hickey, Astrology, A Cosmic Science P. 5