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What Can Astrology Do?

What Can Astrology Do For You?

Horoscope Astrology WheelAstrology has been used throughout history in many capacities. Today people consult astrologers for a wide variety of reasons, from personal growth to selecting the best dates to put a house on the market. There is an age-old debate in the astrological community about the merit of various aspects of the practice, with predictive astrology and past life astrology being two of many "hot spots" of criticism in the ongoing conversation. The criticism and finger-pointing that can occur sometimes leaves potential clients and students of astrology a bit confused.

A lot of pressure is put onto (and taken on by) astrologers to "decipher direct messages from the universe" and give clients tangible answers to life's big questions. In the course of the astrology reading process it is easy for clients to forget that their astrologer is also a real human, full of the same capacity for error and complexity that any of us share.

Many astrologers have heard new clients report about negative experiences from previous readings with other astrologers. In such situations the client complains that they took the reading too strongly to heart and that they felt the previous astrologer led them in a "wrong" direction.

Placing blame aside, one could argue here that many clients' projections onto their astrologer are simply too great. And yet the medium itself, and the nature and power of the information transmitted, seems to lead naturally to that very dynamic – in which the words of the astrologer are given too much weight or taken too literally.

And that brings us to an important question. What is it that astrology really CAN do? And what does astrology NOT do well?

I’ve asked several astrologers to respond with their thoughts on this dynamic and to share what they've learned from years of counseling clients.

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