Steven Forrest

Steven Forrest
Career, Natal, Past Lives, Progressions
Steven Forrest
pob 82
Borrego Springs
Seven Paws Press, Inc.
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In 1984, Bantam Books published his first book, The Inner Sky. Esquire magazine called it "intelligent, well-written and actually fun." That volume was followed in 1986 by The Changing Sky. In 1988, with his then-new wife, Jodie Forrest, he released the third volume of the popular Sky trilogy, Skymates. Steven's fourth book was published by ACS Publications in May 1993. Titled The Night Speaks, it is an extended argument for the intellectual and philosophical plausibility of astrology. His fifth work, The Book of Pluto, was released in May 1995. Regarding that book, HOROSCOPE magazine described Steven as "not only a premier astrologer, but also a wise man." The two volume series, Measuring the Night: Evolutionary Astrology and The Keys to the Soul, by Steven Forrest and Jeffrey Wolf Green, is based on a series of lectures the authors did together. They were co-published by Seven Paws Press and Daemon Press in 2000 and 2001.

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