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Samuel Reynolds
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Samuel Reynolds
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Astrology Career Institute and return2thesource
For a full session, you get an hour long session that's recorded in a mp3 format for you to download onto your favorite mp3 player, a 30 minute follow-up session within 30 days, and a six-month printable forecast report for $150.

A partial session is 30 minutes to explore a question, issue or area of life that's pressing. That session is unrecorded. That's $50.
On November 22, Samuel was born with spina bifida, a congenital disease affecting the spine’s development, resulting in problems with his kidneys, feet, eyes, and heart. In the first 21 years of his life, Sam had undergone over 25 surgeries, from head to toe.

As a result of all of his health, academic, and social woes at a young age, Samuel sought out spiritual answers to Life and became a licensed minister of the Christian gospel at the ripe age of 12 years old. He preached his first sermon on his Mom’s birthday in 1980.

With a stronger spiritual foundation, Sam went from the toilet roll at school, where he had been all but deemed developmentally delayed, to the honor roll. He went through the remainder of his school years as either a class officer, a ranking member of the dean’s list, a club president or active public speaker and community worker. Samuel was named Best Debater of Buffalo (NY) Public Secondary Schools for two years in a row, an unprecedented record.

In his early twenties, Samuel had a spiritual crisis and sought deeper answers to Life’s questions. He settled on a life in academia and, at one point, disavowed a spiritual life completely, settling for a more “dialectical materialist” approach to Life. However, his gnawing questions and concerns didn’t disappear. He pressed on, even traveling as far as India, to find answers.

In the fall of 1990, while in grad school in Philadelphia, Samuel, at the behest of a girlfriend, met with an astrologer. For the first 15 minutes of his consultation, he was completely unimpressed. Being polite, he didn’t say anything as he was raised to be respectful. However, at some point during his consultation, the astrologer made a revelation about Sam’s life and family that the astrologer couldn’t have guessed, deduced, or intuited by any natural means. Samuel was infuriated, intrigued and frightened by the insight and power of astrology. It was at that session that he decided that he had to learn more.

Ever the skeptic, Samuel spent nearly 10 years rigorously testing astrology with strangers and friends, on a donation basis, to see if the results and insights were consistent and real. Upon moving to New York City in 1999, Samuel accelerated his studies of astrology. Convinced by a decade of study of the veracity and power of astrology, Samuel opened his own practice in 2001. In 2004, Samuel began to teach classes and in 2006, Samuel with his new friend and business guru, Andrew Neitlich, formed The Astrology Career Institute.

While on his spiritual search, Sam has written consistently and actively, across various genres about his experiences and thoughts. He is an award-winning playwright and teacher of writing. He is also a published and anthologized poet, essayist and writes consistently for local, regional and global markets like and, mostly on astrological themes. Samuel also has done his part to bridge the digital divide by working or volunteering as a technology trainer of inner-city youth, adults and families since 1998.

In 2005, Samuel co-created the Zodiac Lounge, a bi-weekly event where people are celebrated and comforted with healing energy, love and spiritual insight, in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. Currently, the Zodiac Lounge is the only place in NYC where people can consistently see three different healers or seers (like reiki specialists, astrologers, tarot readers, mediums, massage therapists, etc.) in 30 minutes for only $30 or less. In 2007, Samuel will be seeking to expand the Zodiac Lounge beyond Bed-Stuy.

Samuel, described as a gifted speaker, has presented at various venues throughout the world, including the Learning Annex in New York City. He has presentations and lectures prepared on current events, like “A Message in the Skies: The Astrology of 9/11,” “The Astrological Destiny of Black people in America,” “Discovering and Contributing to Your Generation’s Mission,” “How to Use Astrology to Change your Life,” and “The True Roots of the World’s Religions.”

Samuel lives in Bed-Stuy with his two cats, Bernie and Getaway. He enjoys working out at his gym, partying (especially where he can dance), surfing on the web, travel, and catching up with friends, siblings, and his ever growing brood of nieces, nephews and their children. And yes, they call him “Uncle Sam.”