by Joan Kiley

Joan Kiley AstrologerWelcome to moody March! Moody because:

  1. The Neptune in Pisces theme begun in February, plus retrograde planets Mars, Saturn, and now Mercury, strongly influence the state of mind and emotion in March to be one of introspection;
  2. Planets in Aries may be itching for action and feel frustrated;
  3. The building Uranus/Pluto square has us all poised for dramatic change, and wondering what, how, when. A classic danger/opportunity mix!

March began with Mars opposed the Sun in Pisces and both squaring the Moon in Gemini and the Moon’s nodes. The Moon was conjunct the South Node. There was plenty of restless energy in that T-square, but not necessarily a specific direction to go with it.

On March 2, Mercury entered Aries and the ideas for action began to flow, especially as Mercury moved closer to Uranus, and the two were conjunct on March 5. Intuitive insights were/are now flashing at high frequency! Luckily, Venus entered Taurus the same day, adding some calming energy! Mars, however, isn’t taking the bait for action, and thus our minds may be a bit frustrated and prone to argument.

Be careful of projecting your own frustration onto others, for the Sun and Mars continue to oppose one another for the first days of March. The action we can take is writing down all those great ideas, for soon enough, Mercury itself will be slowing to station, and going retrograde.

Early on March 8, 1:39 AM PST the Full Moon in Virgo accentuates the Virgoan energies of purification and cleaning up our act. Pay attention to your health, both literally and metaphorically. If you are what you eat, are you feeding yourself with not only good food nutritionally, but emotionally and spiritually as well? With slowing Mercury as Virgo’s ruler, plus the inspiration and compassion of the opposing Sun in Pisces, this Full Moon can put good judgment to a higher use for your own evolving well-being.

Saturn is retrograde at this time as well as Mars, in Venus-ruled Libra, while Venus has moved into her other sign of Taurus. Venus, while in the late degrees of Aries, opposed Saturn in the early days of the month. With both planets in Venus-ruled signs by March 5, there may be some relationship issues coming to the fore in the first week of the month. Frustrations within ourselves, changing habits and norms, or the desire for them, may complicate communications.

On March 9, the Moon moves into Libra, opposes the Mercury/Uranus conjunction, and then squares Pluto. This too could put nerves and relationships on edge. Late on March 10, the Moon conjuncts Saturn, and then moves to Scorpio, which may increase the tension. Try for honesty without harshness, in order to get some clarity, for when Mercury goes retrograde, the proverbial “stuff” could hit the fan. Venus in Taurus, moving toward conjunction with Jupiter, may give you access to some patience, however.

Mercury goes retrograde on March 12, 12:49 AM PST, at 6 degrees Aries, and will be retrograde through the end of the month, finally stationing direct on the 3rd of April at 23 degrees Pisces. This will be an interesting Mercury retrograde, with Mars also retrograde, and the two in mutual reception for the early part of the Mercury retrograde period. Much of the cycle, Mercury will be conjunct Uranus, so despite the slow-down and retrograde motion, mental and intuitive energies will nevertheless be high. The patience for miscommunications, however, may be low, so keep that in mind, as you’re tempted to take in that extra dose of caffeine!

March 13 brings a lovely conjunction of Venus and Jupiter at 9 degrees Taurus, which forms an exact trine with Pluto at 9 degrees Capricorn, and another trine with Mars at 9 degrees Virgo. As self-indulgent as the Venus/Jupiter in Taurus might seem on its own, this earthy Grand Trine with Pluto and Mars reveals a much more pragmatic opportunity for accomplishing some efficient planning around financial matters, professional growth, or physical health/activity.  It may be prudent to confine the activities to planning, however, unless the action is not a new project, but refinements to an ongoing project. Wisdom suggests waiting to start new projects until Mars goes direct mid-April, but feel free to do your own research!

The Moon moves through Capricorn during the following two days, putting a full five planets in earth signs. The Moon could help reinforce the need for practical accomplishment, and add an emotional component.

We begin a brand new zodiacal year when the Sun enters the sign of Aries at 9:15 PM PST March 19! This is the Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere, the day of equal parts day and night. It is interesting to have this cardinal ingress with the ruling planet Mars retrograde in Virgo, while Virgo’s ruler is retrograde in cardinal Aries. To complicate matters, the Moon will oppose Mars the following day, bringing a sensitive Piscean emotionality to Aries’ ruler.

Meanwhile we have a triple conjunction in Aries, with the Sun having joined Uranus and Mercury. Don’t be surprised if unusual insights come out in verbal thrusts to liven up your world. Unless you enjoy shocking people (and yourself) take a breath before speaking excitedly.

The Moon will join the planets in Aries on March 22, for a New Moon at 7:37 AM PDT. New Zodiacal Year, New Moon, cardinal energy. Lots of potential for radical insights, emotional explosiveness, and change. Plus, there are still 4 planets in earth to ground the initiative in practical terms. Utilize the New Moon energy for visioning and goal setting, rather than getting too caught up in emotional grandstanding. There’s enough of that happening on the political front. Use the power for change to make breakthroughs in your own internal process.

Mercury retrogrades back into Pisces on March 23, and the Moon moves on to Taurus on the 24th.  Aries hosts less power then, but we shouldn’t underestimate the Sun conjunct Uranus in Aries on the 24th. It could be a rebellious moment, with some saber rattling, or even some heroics for the common good.  We probably won’t have to look far into the collective to see it reflected, given protesting Occupiers, rebel forces in numerous countries, political leaders itching for war, or candidates for higher office carrying out a stunt to look warrior-like. The waxing square between Uranus and Pluto will be highlighted by the Sun. Look for news items to reflect this energy.

The last week of March we’ll have Mars moving closer to opposition with Neptune, as it moves out of trine with Jupiter. This brings the Virgo/Pisces polarity of the Full Moon back into focus. How are we feeding our bodies, our minds, our spirits? How are we bringing compassion and kindness into the judgments we make and the action we take? Retrograde planetary periods are times for slowing down, chilling out, evaluation, and reflection. Neptune supports all those activities in a particularly tuned-in manner. Be sure you take full advantage!

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