Robin Collier

Robin Collier
Humanistic, Psychological, Traditional, Western
Career, Chart Rectification, Electional or Good Timing, Natal, Predictive, Progressions, Relationship, Forecast & Transits
Robin Collier
Walnut Creek
$25 - $195 depending on service. Call me at 925-349-6338 or go to
My story:
Astrologically, I'm Aries Sun, Aquarius rising & Aquarius Moon. My mom is a psychic, doing automatic writing. Mom and Dad both studied astrology, and shared with me when I was young.

I became a little obsessed with it, and started doing readings for others when I was 16. It didn't take me long to figure out that life is about relationships; one on one, family, and groups.

I concentrate on relationship counseling, annual forecasts, and electional astrology; i.e. picking the best dates for surgery, weddings, parties, and other events. Consulting is in person or by phone, and can be recorded to cd if you wish.

I went through several relationships before I was 27. These experiences, and astrology helped me refine my selection criteria. Then I met someone who is a serious student of astrology, and also met my selection criteria. We have been together since.
It has been an adventure! I partnered with a psychiatrist who did group therapy; did charts on the group, and counseled her on the groups' dynamics and more. My partner Jon and I taught basic astrology to high school seniors at an avant-garde school in the Bay Area.

The first ever metaphysical booth at the Walnut Festival was a big hit, and a huge amount of fun! Our booth won first prize, which was totally unexpected. We must have attracted some attention, because the next year there were 4 tarot readers besides us; although no other astrologers.

Life was good! We bought a house in Martinez, and decided to get married (to save on taxes (;>) ). My friend Bev Reardon performed the ceremony. Eleven years went by, and then...

We got this wild idea that we wanted to live in the country. We picked Western Sonoma County. Jon's employer let him move the Concord office to Santa Rosa, and he searched for the 'right' place from there. We wanted to have space where I could continue my hobby of breeding German Shepherds for police work, & enough room for both of our offices.

We couldn't find the right house, so we sold our house in the Bay Area, and bought property on a ridge top in the Russian River area. There were no utilities, so we ended up building a home designed to live off the grid. After 15 years in this beautiful setting, we returned to civilization - We're Back!