Richard Hammond

Richard Hammond
Ancient, Archetypal, Evolutionary, Esoteric, Humanistic, Psychological, Western
Asteroids, Business, Career, Chart Rectification, Electional or Good Timing, Family Dynamics, Financial, Natal, Relationship, Forecast & Transits
Richard Hammond
San Diego
Secretly Obvious
Birthday Month Discounts: Your Age% off of the following Prices.

I conduct readings over skype or google hangout and you will receive your Birth Chart PDF and a recording of our session for later study. Knowing your birth time and location is recommended.

Interpersonal: $80
(All About You!)
30 Minutes

Sociological: $150
(All about the aspects)
60 Minutes

Existential: $205
(Strategy. Great for Couples, families, teams, or groups)
105 Minutes
My name is Richard Gideon Hammond, I am an Capricorn inventor, scientist, engineer, chemist, traveler, and astrologer. By applying scientific theory and philosophy to the understandings of astrology, I have an even broader knowledge of the universe and my impact and purpose in it. You don't have to be a genius to understand astrology, I offer a practical approach to using astrology in your daily life.

I am originally from New Jersey, but I lived in Europe for 11 years before coming to California in high school. When I arrived I realized America is in desperate need of spiritual guidance. My mother had a long and successful career as a professional astrologer in France. I grew up in a very spiritual home environment, while the most intellectual and artistic city in the world (Paris) was my playground. My skin color was seldom the subject of any concern. I ate wonderful food, learned practical skills, and my social life and intellectual capacity was much more developed and stimulated than what most people in the world are allowed to experience at such a young age.

I am now picking up where my inventor mother left of using what she taught me in her Sagittarius perspective of the ancient framework of astrology. I am a computer technician and engineer in the external world, building practical solutions for people's homes and businesses, as any capricorn would love to do. hosts my work in astrology, spirituality, and natural skincare as a personal healing project.