Rebecca Farrar

Rebecca Farrar
Archetypal, Evolutionary, Psychological, Transpersonal, Western
Asteroids, Financial, Relationship, Relocation & Astro*Carto*Graphy, Forecast & Transits
Rebecca Farrar
San Francisco
Archetypal Astrology, Astro-mapping, Relationship Patterning
Wild Witch of the West
$130 for one-hour astrology reading
$100 returning client sessions
$150 for hour-long astrology reading + astro-mapping
$170 for couples consultation
I love helping people find their special purpose and place in this magical, enchanted cosmos we call home! Before studying astrology for more than seven years ago, I was huge skeptic. Until I realized astrology isn't about generic horoscope information, the way it is often used today. Instead it is a tool for self-awareness and appreciating complexity. By diving into the sun, moon, and other planets we get a much larger picture of someone's unique gifts and purpose for being here.