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Patricia Lantz
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Patricia Lantz
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Patricia Lantz, Astrologer
At the current time I am not doing face to face, Skype or phone consultations. But working by email is easy, efficient and often keeps the sessions focused with fewer distractions.

I offer individual astrological coaching by email. The intent is to help you to insightfully and creatively engage whatever is happening in your life that you are concerned about. Usually, what I offer is a broader framework for looking at your personal issue so that you can see what is happening in terms of your soul’s evolution and how you may be responding to deeper forces that are moving in the collective.

Before your e-mail consultation, I ask you to send me a short description, up to two pages, of what is going on in your life that inspired you to request the consultation. Please also include your complete birth data (birthday, birth location and time of birth from your official birth certificate)

Full Astrological consultation is currently $150.00. A $50. deposit is required. Off-the-cuff consults (no advance preparation) are $75. A single question or concern answered by email is $50, both require advance payment in full. Payments can be made through PayPal.

To request a consultation. Please email or call 770-892-5291 for further details.
I am an astrologer, hypnotherapist and the Editor of Astrology for, an online community dedicated to healing mind, body, spirit and planet.

From the wind swept prairies of Wyoming, to the coal mines and steel mills of the Ohio Valley, to the beautiful mountains and jagged shores of New England and finally on to the steamy hot deep South with many short stops in between, my life has been an adventure in the human experience of living.

This was my road to self-discovery. My life's lessons were in living. As I met others who's lives touched mine I came to realize the amazing diversity in life. Change became a close personal friend, diversity broadened my field of vision and allowed me a glimpse of what some never see... the hidden system of subtle personal and interpersonal dynamics that drive our behaviors and create our realities.

On this journey I learned much about human behavior and learned to live life with a sense of humor and combine my passion for living with compassion for others.

My life's experiences, both professional and personal, have been so varied that I can easily connect and gain rapport with individuals of any age and background. This rapport allows me to cultivate feelings of safety and trust that gives those I come in contact with hope.

I don't see people as "lost or broken," and my job is not to "find or fix" anyone. I offer encouragement, I give validation and motivation, while instilling faith that there can and will be a different and better tomorrow.