Mary Pat Lynch

Mary Pat Lynch
Humanistic, Transpersonal, Western
Natal, Relationship, Forecast & Transits
Mary Pat Lynch
Rising Moon Astrology
Readings are $85.00, most often handled via Skype, and run about 90 minutes. I record the session so I can provided an mp3 for future reference. PayPal is the easiest form of payment. (You do not need a PayPal account to use it.)
I am a writer and shamanic practitioner as well as an astrologer. My shamanic work influences my approach to astrology, as I see planets and key points as allies to get to know and work with over time.

My background is instructional design, and one of my goals in any reading is to explain the right amount of background so you can explore further on your own. I want you to gain an understanding of how your chart works, to empower you to dive in and get to know it, and yourself, better.