Mari Saint-Pierre

Mari Saint-Pierre
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Mari Saint-Pierre
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As an astrologer, I look to the contents of the first house in a person’s natal chart for clues as to what sets the stage for the development of their unique personality. In my first house, Pluto and Uranus flank my Moon in Virgo, pitting my subconscious need for self-control and self-discipline between two outer planets that insist on leading a non-conformist, authentic life. This cluster of first house planets set the stage for a life marked by intense personal growth, making me the ideal prototype for the Army brat world into which I was born.

Moving across the globe every one to three years fueled the fire sparked by Pluto and Uranus. Exploring other cultures while living in Bangkok and Naples broadened my perspective, enabling me to adapt easily to new situations and accept people from all walks of life. When I graduated high school, I continued along the “expect the unexpected” road laid down by my first house configuration when I headed off to the Big Apple to attend film school at NYU. Though I later chose to complete my BA in History, I returned to my passion for film more than ten years later and wrote two screenplays, one of which was accepted into the Mother Tongue Series reading workshop in Portland, Oregon. In Portland, I continued to express myself creatively through the study of authentic movement which culminated in a solo performance blending dance and the spoken word called In the Company of Women Who Speak the Truth. I later committed to my path as a writer through the completion of an MFA in Creative Nonfiction at Pacific University.

Sandwiched between two change-catalyzing planets, my natal Moon often felt like she was on one long roller coaster ride punctuated by hairpin turns and loop de loops. One minute I was expressing myself through a challenging art form, the next I was searching the internet for how to join the foreign service. Always on the move, my Moon self never had the chance to hook up with my Sun in Cancer to actualize what I now know was one of my deepest desires: to put down roots and forge lasting, intimate connections. Looking back, I see now why it took a shocking set of events to force me to hold still long enough to integrate these two isolated aspects of myself.

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