Marcia McMillin

Marcia McMillin
Humanistic, Psychological, Transpersonal, Western
Career, Horary, Natal, Predictive, Progressions
Marcia McMillin
Oklahoma City
Psychological/Spiritual slant viewing the planets as energy to be used to empower persons to exercise the free will they have available
Astrology Services
A consultation is normally $160 for an hour whether for a Natal delineation or for key Transits, Progressions and Solar Returns. The charge for just a correct chart is $25 and a computer report ranges from $40 to $80 depending on the length of the report. For work outside of the above charges would depend on the time involved. For phone consultations the client would also bear the expense of any long distance charges.
I practiced Astrology for 20 years before returning to the University to complete my B.S. degree in Sociology. Several clients asked me to do therapy with them and a psychologist who also came to me for readings urged me to return to obtain a Master's degree so I could become a therapist because she felt I was talented at helping people.

I did go back to school and obtained a M.S.W.(Master's degree in Social Work.)After becoming as confident as a psychotherapist as I had been as an Astrologer, I began doing charts as time permitted with my clinical work.

My first love is Astrology and I am forever grateful for the developement of the muscle that allows me to think in symbolic and abstract ways that reading charts promoted.

At this point in my life I enjoy a balance of doing both psychotherapy and Astrology. When it comes down to it everything is basically energy and though my slant is psychological and Spiritual the two disciplines blend nicely!