Lyndall McQuinn

Lyndall McQuinn
Archetypal, Esoteric, Humanistic, Karmic, Psychological
Business, Career, Family Dynamics, Natal, Progressions, Relationship, Forecast & Transits
Lyndall McQuinn
0428 425 923
Daylesford Australia
School of Magical Practices
Lyndall offers Astrology or Tarot sessions on Skype or in Daylesford and Melbourne, Australia.
I don’t believe in answers, there is always a new question, a new vision, a new pathway to explore.

I read cards in the spread of the wheel.

I read charts from the astrological wheel.

I try to live my life according to nature’s wheel.

I walk the path of the womyns wheel.

Lyndall began her interest in the occult fields at a very young age. She read cards for her dolls and later to her friends from childhood. Then Astrology entered her young life and it was in the 1980's whilst living in America that she learnt how to blend the two practices into tools to assist people in understanding their inner growth processes.

Thirty years on Lyndall has read, taught and written about these subjects. She has developed her own form of Shamanic Astrology, a powerful form of working within planetary patterns and reprograming difficult pathways. She has blended magic,psychology and meditation using the Astrology Wheel as a wheel for ritual. Always questing, always studying and always looking for new ways to use these wonderful ancient tools and teachings.

Blessed be
Lyndall McQuinn