Lyn Goldberg

Lyn Goldberg
Archetypal, Evolutionary, Humanistic, Visual Astrology
Asteroids, Career, Natal, Progressions, Transits
Lyn Goldberg
970 769 1917
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A natal online reading with visual and audio recording sent after the reading $146.
Lyn has studied Astrology for 40 years. She has created an interactive internet program that allows one to sit in the comfort of their own home and participate in a reading. From experiences in her own life it became obvious that humans learn best when the use more than one of their sense in taking in information. Lyn has developed a visual Astrology program that brings the Archetypes of the Signs/Planets/Asteroids to you with the Auditory explanation of what their energy is bringing into your life. An interactive Reading allows you to ask questions and clarify. It is very important to Lyn that you understand the energies that influence your life. Using the latest in technology, Astrology or the map that you created at the time of your birth is now available to you in a multi-Sense experience. The Symbols of the Zodiac themselves become the Teachers. Using your Visual/Auditory senses combined optimizes your ability to deeply get the message you sent yourself at the moment of your birth (your natal chart).
Lyn has is Certified in Evolutionary Astrology and has a history of using the Myths of the Zodiac to tell stories to bring the energies she is explaining into real life scenarios.
Lyn lives in the Rocky Mountains and is currently learning the night sky to bring the practical of what is happening today in the Stars to the relationship of how that effects your Natal Chart (transits). Her attitude is there is always more to learn.