Luke Dani Blue

Luke Dani Blue
Humanistic, Psychological, Western
Career, Natal, Predictive, Relationship, Forecast & Transits
Luke Dani Blue
(510) 698-1584
Traverse City
Career & Vocation; LGBTQ Issues; Gender Identity; Love & Relationships; Monogamy vs. Polyamory; Sexuality; Mental Health & Healing; Trauma; Life Transitions; Moving Through Crisis & Change; Internalized Oppression; Creativity and Art.
Seagoat Astrology
60 minute Skype or phone session (Natal + Transits) - $100 USD
90 minute Skype or phone session (Natal + Transits) - $120
Mini-Readings starting at $20
What I do is called ‘psychological’ astrology. Part straight-up psychology and part modern Western astrology, my practice is based in three fundamental beliefs:

1) Deep fulfillment is within reach for everyone.
2) The natal chart describes who we are.
3) Fate is a real yet malleable extension of our selves. We can’t escape ourselves but we can choose to become ourselves more beautifully and completely.

Behind this lives my experience as a publishing fiction writer and queer, and my education in anti-oppression frameworks and intersectional feminism. I value the arts as highly as I value justice. Both of these outlooks seep indelibly into my work with clients, in the form of specific strategies for pursuing a life in the arts and helping clients recognize without self-judgment the workings of oppression in their lives. My core goal, though, is to help clients accept where they are while continue to evolve, to embrace challenge and joy, and to live the fullest, most awake life they can.