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Leslie Traill
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Leslie Traill
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Leslie Traill Astrology
An astrological reading can cut through what would take multiple initial coaching sessions, saving the client time and money, and making their coaching all that more effective by laying the groundwork for the direction that needs to be taken. Leslie Traill Astrology is unique in that Leslie can follow up the breakthroughs made through astrology reading sessions with meditation and a variety of lifestyle coaching, allowing her clients to complete their transition into a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Internationally known television personality, speaker, author and Certified N.L.P. (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Practitioner/Coach Leslie Traill has been a leader in the science of astrology since 1978. This life survivor and keynote speaker is a skilled meditation coach who utilizes her talents in astrology, meditation and life coaching to create a powerful skill set that she can offer to her broad client base.

"Once an individual’s natal chart is understood, it becomes a powerful tool that aids in their development, self-recognition and personal empowerment."
Leslie Traill

While astrology is key in keeping her clients enlightened and aware, meditation can then be incorporated to assist them in staying grounded, balanced and fully present. They can be confident and comfortable in the moments when opportunity presents itself or challenges surface. Leslie studied Buddhist or ‘mindfulness’ meditation in great depth under the guidance of a Buddhist nun. “It is not what goes on during the meditation that counts. It is what goes on after, when you take your work out into the world and function calmly and effectively, that you really enjoy the benefits of this skill”. Progress made by meditation can be followed up by lifestyle, wellness and transition coaching.

Under Leslie’s expert direction your employees can be happier, healthier and more productive, your decision-making and communications skills can be strengthened, your relationships can be more rewarding and your professional career can be on the “Traill to New Heights”!

Contact Leslie today. Sessions can be in person in the Greater Toronto Area or via Phone or Skype in Canada or Internationally.