Laura Tadd

Laura Tadd
Archetypal, Evolutionary, Esoteric, Psychological, Western
Family Dynamics, Natal, Past Lives, Progressions, Relationship
Laura Tadd
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My rates for personal astrological sessions are:

30 minute check in: $55 (Returning clients only)

60 minute reading: $100

90 minute reading: $130

My rates for Business Consulting vary depending on the project.

Each reading comes with a MP3 recording, and is sent upon receipt of payment.
I cannot say with any certainty when I first became interested in astrology. The product of counterculture, clairvoyant parents, it was always orbiting around me. However, my deep dive into the cosmology, that is now my life’s work, did not begin until the spring of 2000. I was in my senior year of college when I learned of a women’s therapy group that used astrology to help facilitate an understanding of what the members were going through. As a student of psychology at the time, I was intrigued and joined this weekly group; both as a means of facilitating my own growth and to gain professional insight into alternative ways of providing council and guidance. The joining of this group proved to be a fortuitous decision as I would spend the next 18 months studying astrology with Jennifer Freed, one of the women who led the group. Through my work with Jenifer I obtained certification as a Professional Astrologer from Astrological Counseling Seminars (ACS) in Psychological Astrology in the August of 2002.

I have been working with this cosmology in a professional capacity since receiving my certification and continue to study and explore this profound cosmology, regularly attending conferences, workshops and lectures. Currently a PhD candidate in Human Science, I received my Masters in the same field in 2007. My Masters Theses explored the ancient roots of astrology and humanities fascination with the sky’s mythic tale and what it can illuminate. With my doctoral thesis I am exploring the lived experiences of people who integrate astrology into their lives. Additionally I have begun to lecture on astrology at Saybrook University, with more lectures and classes to come. In the years since I began to take the study of astrology seriously I have been continuously and increasingly awestruck at the insight this cosmology can provide. At any given moment there is a story being told in the sky, knowing what this tale is about, and having a clearer picture of where the plot of our lives’ may be headed, is a tool I no longer know how to live without. It is this clarity of life that I hope to bring to the people with whom I have the privilege of working.