Uranus into Aries and Your Chart

by Dena DeCastro

Dena DeCastro AstrologerThere has been a TON of discussion about the “Cardinal Event” of 2010…aka, the Cardinal Climax or the Cardinal T-Square. You can find great discussion threads about this on FB at TMA’s page, and investigate any number of astrological blogs on the topic. It is a big event, but I think it’s important not to scare ourselves about it. I remember when I had Ed Welsh on my podcast to talk about the Uranus/Saturn Opposition at its outset, and he said something I thought was so wise: “Let’s not scare ourselves with this transit.” That transit is nearly over, and we have survived, although it has indeed been a tumultuous time for the country, the economy, and the planet. More to come? It’s pretty likely, but we don’t need astrology to tell us that. Just look around you. As Shon Clark said in his recent interview, 2012 is already here…just look around.

We are in the middle of a time in which things as we’ve known them are passing away, while things we can’t yet imagine are just about to be born. Often, the only way to truly understand the correlations of astrology with the collective events of the world is to look at them in retrospect, much like Richard Tarnas did in Cosmos and Psyche. Still, there are ways that we can make use of the knowledge of what’s coming, particularly if we can anchor these larger archetypes into the context of our natal charts.

Uranus into Aries is the beginning of a new turn on the zodiac wheel, and is a significant event. Uranus is about to be reborn in this current age. This event happens about every 80 years or so. I’d like to offer the following perspective on Uranus in Aries through your natal houses, focusing particularly on how this rebirth of the archetype might be calling you to awaken in that area. In order to locate the position of transiting Uranus, you’ll need a copy of your birth chart, and to be able to find 0 degrees Aries. If you’d like me to find that for you, visit my profile and contact me.

Transiting Uranus in the First House

This is the house of new beginnings, and Uranus moving into Aries here lights a fire to reinvent yourself in some way. You are invited to step out into the world with more brashness and authenticity in our personal style. Being a bit more self-focused than usual might be appropriate to this time, as it will be important to be clear on who you are and what you want, without being swayed by others’ agendas.

Transiting Uranus in the Second House

This is the house of resources, and it is where we connect to our sense of self-worth. You are invited to be innovative with your approach to resources, and to break free of past patterns in this area. There is an awakening of connection to your true resources, and the possibility to reinvent your relationship to money and self-worth.

Transiting Uranus in the Third House

This is the house of perception, how we come to know the world through seeing and hearing. It is also the house of communication and use of your own voice. The world looks different to you, and you are invited to share in a way that may involve being a bit shocking or confronting. Uranus in Aries here emboldens you to speak out in new ways, in response to radical new insights that are coming your way presently.

Transiting Uranus in the Fourth House 

This is the house of home and family, and the house of memories and the deepest, private Self. Awakenings and new beginnings are possible in the terrain of family dynamics. An awakening occurs in your relationship to childhood memories, and you are empowered by owning the entirety of your history. Your personal myth unfolds, and you begin an important new chapter in your Hero’s Journey.

Transiting Uranus in the Fifth House 

This is the house of creativity, romance, and childlike energies. It’s the house of FUN. Uranus in Aries here awakens a childlike part of yourself that is ready to play and create. It’s time to break free of constricting ideas about how your creativity should look, and to take risks by putting yourself out there with your creative projects. These projects may have a Uranian quality to them – a bit quirky or radical in some way. The call is to be courageous, and play hard.

Transiting Uranus in the Sixth House 

This is the house of health, daily work routine, service, and mentoring. Uranus in Aries here could be a call to reinvent your health regimen on the physical level. You may find that your daily work routine is in dire need of a shake up, and things that have gotten stale are ready to be vigorously renovate in that area; better to be proactive than passive. You may also be invited to engage in a mentoring relationship with a surprising new person entering on the scene, or asked to step into that role yourself in a surprising and sudden way.

Transiting Uranus in the Seventh House 

This is the house of partnerships, both business and personal. It is also the house of close friendships. You may find your alliances entering into surprising new territory during this transit, as you are asked to reinvent your relationship to those closest to you. Breaking free of constricting relationship patterns helps you to let a much needed breath of fresh air in, and you are invited to create more space and independence within partnerships so that they may ultimately thrive.

Transiting Uranus in the Eighth House 

This is the house of intimacy and shared resources, as well as the house of our hidden or “shadow” material. With Uranus into Aries here, deep awakening is offered to you in the area of your most intimate relationship: the one with yourself. You are invited to be bold in your investigation of your inner terrain, your psyche. This deep self-probing allows you to break free of patterns which may have hindered close connection to yourself and hence to others. It can ultimately be a powerful time of healing.

Transiting Uranus in the Ninth House 

This is the house of higher education, travel, and teaching. It’s about the growth and expansion of ourselves by expanding our known universe, traveling into the unknown, either physically or with the mind. Uranus into Aries here offers new opportunities to expand your horizons, either through travel or through traditional or non-traditional higher education paths. The call is to be courageous in taking leaps of faith, and above all, be adventurous in these pursuits.

Transiting Uranus in the Tenth House 

This is the house of career, of our social standing, our reputation. Uranus into Aries here invites you to reinvent your social self, and to step out on your own in your career life. A bold move such as starting your own business would be the type of action that resonates with this time, but even in a career in which you work for an employer, you can redefine your position within that group. In either scenario, the call is to be independent-minded and set yourself apart from others, carving out your niche. It’s time to offer to the world that which is uniquely you.

Transiting Uranus in the Eleventh House 

This is the house of peers, communities, and our connection with groups. Uranus into Aries here points to a time in which you must now take your place within a community of like-minded others. The new people and communities have likely been showing up, and now it’s time to step up to meet them. Old connections and acquaintances are going by the wayside, if they no longer support the path that you are on. These new communities may form suddenly and surprisingly, and the call is to step assertively forward to meet them, rather than hanging back or being shy. It’s time to participate.

Transiting Uranus in the Twelfth House 

This is the house of the unconscious, dreams, and connection with the divine/mystical. Uranus into Aries here invites you to awaken your connection to that which is beyond the mundane, workaday world. You may find an acceleration of synchronistic or just plain strange events, showing you that life and the Universe are much different than what you’ve previously believed. Your dreams and intuitions are strong now, inviting you to explore the unexplored territory: your own unconscious. The call is to be willing to let go of preconceived notions of how you thought “it all worked,” and be prepared to be completely surprised.

"To expect the unexpected shows a thoroughly modern intellect." -Oscar Wilde

These are just a few sentences about each placement, and of course does not speak to the complexities of your particular transits as they lay into the context of your whole chart. If you’d like to schedule a reading to find out more about Uranus as it’s connecting with you, contact me.