Get Ready to Rumble with Uranus in Aries

Get Ready to Rumble with Uranus in Aries

by Madeline Gerwick

Madeline Gerwick Astrologer

First of all, it's hard not to notice the Farewell to Pisces that Uranus gave us yesterday and today. When planets are at the beginning or the end of a sign, they're exceptionally strong. Pisces represents the oceans and Uranus represents a change-maker or a disrupter. Uranus' last full day in Pisces was yesterday. So the earthquake and tsunami in Japan March 10, 2011 are a a little " Forget-Me-Not to Pisces!

Today on March 11th we have a MAJOR planetary shift as Uranus moves into the sign of Aries and the revolution resumes in full swing! The last time we had Uranus in Aries was between January 1928 and March 1935. Notice that we were having very challenging economic times back then as well. Plus last summer Uranus tiptoed into Aries from late May through mid-August. So we had a little preview last summer. This time Uranus will stay in Aries for most of the next 8 years, so this influence will be with us until early 2019.

The planet Uranus represents the change-maker. In the sign of Aries, he’s a warrior change-maker. The archetype of Uranus is that of a radical - an activist, an off-world alien, a foreigner, or someone very unusual. In the sign of Aries, Uranus is fearless and he’s willing to stand up for democracy, unions, and equal rules for everyone. He’s willing to fight! We’re already seeing this in Wisconsin with the big issue regarding labor unions. The issues in Wisconsin are not over. They're just beginning! The last time we had Uranus in Aries, the unions became legalized. Those Republican Senators in Wisconsin are about to meet their own tsunami for taking away the right of unions to strike.

We’re also seeing this energy in the Middle East. Once Uranus gets into Aries today, the BIG guns will show up over there. That will probably be the US, NATO, or the UN. Someone will step up to provide support to the rebels in Libya. They may not fight for them, but they'll give them the tools, training and weapons to do so.

With Uranus in Aries this year, we also see the cycle of Uranus square Pluto, which will be strongly in range well into 2015. This challenging configuration suggests that we're going to see a lot of people taking back their power, especially related to political freedoms. These are revolutionary energies. Although we're watching this in the Middle East at the moment, the United States also has it's political freedom issues too. We no longer have rights either, since habeas corpus was eliminated a few years ago. So anyone can be detained in the United States as a terrorist and that person has no right to a trial. So don’t be surprised when Americans finally take to the streets over issues like this.

Uranus square Pluto represents a revisitation of the issues that were started in the mid-1960s. Back then we had race riots, Vietnam War protests, women's liberation, the sexual revolution with the Pill, and the ecological, back-to-the-Earth-movement. All parts of society changed. We were also very fortunate to have the TV series, Star Trek, which gave us a futuristic (Uranus) model for where we were headed.

Uranus square Pluto peaks 7 times between 2012 and 2015. Compare that to the mid-sixties when Uranus conjunct Pluto peaked only 3 times over nine months. This current revolution will last longer and the changes will occur much faster! Also watch for issues related to internet freedom. The UK has already passed a bill that allows their government to take down any site they don't like. There will be attempts to do the same around the world.

Next up, we’re in the early stages of an economic challenge that comes to a head later in March for the second time. This cycle is Jupiter opposite Saturn. That cycle first peaked in August 2010. It peaks again for the second and last time on March 28th. This cycle is associated with slow growth and it stays in range through April 19th. After that, our economy will gradually improve until we reach our next high in 2019.

Next, we’re still in the midst of Venus sextile Jupiter, which peaked just yesterday, March 10, 2011. This cycle is an opportunity for money and love to come to you. Remember, they go hand in hand, because when you’re in the high energy of love, the energy of money is free to come running to you. This cycle is still in range through Sunday, March 13th. So enjoy this weekend! Just be careful that you don’t spend too much money.

In addition, we also have the cycle of Venus trine Saturn. This is an excellent cycle for signing contracts, because both parties understand their responsibilities to each other and they have a positive relationship. This cycle is in range now and peaks on March 14th. It stays in range through March 19th. If you’re signing a contract, this weekend through Monday March 14th is particularly excellent. You can also use this to beautify your home or office by de-cluttering, or eliminating things that are no longer needed. Venus trine Saturn is excellent for budget planning too.

Next, we have the cycle of Mercury conjunct Jupiter this week. This cycle is terrific for lots of communication. If you want to have a four-hour conversation with your best friend, this is the cycle that supports that. It’s also great for communicating a particular belief or for influencing others to support your agenda. If you have a message you want to get out, this cycle will help you. This cycle is in range now. It peaks on Tuesday, March 15th and stays in range through March 21st.

Next, Mercury Retrograde is coming at the end of the month. Next week begins the start of the "shadow period" before the retrograde. The shadow period starts Wednesday, March 16th. This means it’s time to SLOW down and start double-checking all details thoroughly. You’ll be blue if you don’t - that's why I refer to this as a Blue Cycle in my Good Timing Guide! Most mistakes occur with this cycle. Beginning that day, you cannot outrun Mercury retrograde, which will start two weeks later on March 30th. Still, this is the time to prepare for some other aspects of Mercury retrograde. Get your cars fixed now in case they're about to break. If you wait for your car to break next month, it will take longer to get it fixed, since everyone else will need to get their cars fixed too. Also remember to do a full system computer back-up during this shadow period, so your computer system is completely ready in case of a crash during Mercury Retrograde.

Here's to an exciting week ahead. See you next time.


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