Uranus Back into Pisces: Unfinished Business?

by Dena DeCastro

Dena DeCastro Astrologer

Uranus dips back into Pisces on August 13th, after a start into Aries which began on May 27th. I wrote an article in my May Newsletter about the meaning of Uranus into Aries in your individual chart. Its last months in Pisces are from now until March of 2011, when it then re-enters Aries for the duration of its transit through that sign. Uranus passes through one sign in about 6-8 years. Wherever it is transiting, it points us toward what strategies we need in order to reinvent ourselves as a species, and to break away from the past. Uranus is also the “Great Awakener.” As Jessica Murray puts it in her writings on the current Uranus/Pluto square: “Uranus’ job is to jolt humanity into alertness, jettisoning stale material like a wet dog shaking its fur.” During the final months of a planet’s transit through a sign, it seems to be tying up any unfinished business in that realm, and the themes of that sign/planet combination are intensified.

Pisces is a sign that is connected to sleep, the unconscious, and the dream world. As Uranus transits the last degrees of Pisces, we may be asked to wake up from disassociation, and let go of any previous illusions (Pisces) we’ve been clinging to. An external event is often the only thing that can wake the sleeping out of their dream state.

The ocean itself is a Piscean symbol. In dreams, the ocean is often interpreted as our personal unconscious. What if the world’s ocean is the physical symbol of our collective unconscious? And what if the oil spill is Uranus-in-Pisces’ way of saying “last chance to wake up”? The BP oil spill occurred when Uranus was near the end of Pisces (28 degrees). The horror of the unfolding spill, and the realization that it would not end in a matter of hours, days, weeks, months…and at the time of this writing, is _still going_…seems to have been a numbing more than an awakening experience thus far. Although there are plenty of cries of outrage, there is a surprising lack of volume, and lack of action, being taken on the collective level to remedy this problem (and the deeper problem of our dependence on fossil fuels). The time around September 25th, when Uranus returns to the exact degree it was on at the well explosion date, will likely offer us a “last chance” opportunity to remedy the core problem.

Pisces is also the last sign of the zodiac, so Uranus is making its completion of an 84 year cycle. Pisces, ruler of the 12th house, is about endings and letting go. As Steven Forrest said in his lecture from 2003, “Uranus in Pisces” (back when the planet was just entering that sign): “We need to accept the poignant messages of endings that we’re going to be seeing. . . Even the endings of good and worthy things.” He goes on in that lecture to discuss the idea of the endings of species – extinctions. The oil spill is an extinction level event, in that the entire gulf region is being wiped of sea life that is foundational to the food chain. Chain reactions take time, and we don’t know how far up the chain, or how far out geographically, the extinctions will go. With Uranus in Pisces in its last days, poised to re-enter Aries and conjunct Jupiter, new technologies may come along at just the right time, if we are awake and ready to take action.

On a lighter note, you can actually win money if you come up with a good cleanup plan. Watch this story if you are interested (or if you just like looking at Philippe Cousteau).

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