Time for New Starts on May Day

by Madeline Gerwick

Madeline Gerwick Astrologer First of all, I want to let you know that NOW is the time for all types of new starts, especially through May 1st. This is critical that you understand this. We have a VERY short window to get new starts going now. The best times are April 27 through May 1st, May 3rd, part of May 4th and May 8th, which are the only good days we have for new starts until the very end of June or early July. So it’s very important that you use this time to start new projects. I especially want to encourage you to make good use of May 1st. If you have a Good Timing Guide, you can see that this date is all green and it has a Green $. This indicates a VERY good day! We don’t get any dates as good as that again until October. After May 8th, we get too close to Venus retrograde to make any more new starts. So get your new projects going right away, before anything else happens that could delay them.

May 1st is especially good for signing contracts, for any type of sales presentation, for training, workshops, mailings or promotions. It’s also excellent for meetings with powerful people and sales meetings. This date also has high growth, especially in the afternoon and evening. May 1st is the best date we have for months and months. So be sure you take good advantage of it.

No date is ever perfect. This one is no exception. Be careful to complete your past projects before you start new ones, or you could get pulled off-track. Also be careful to take good care of your health during this period and especially get enough rest.

Next, we have a great set of cycles, the Sun, Mars and Pluto all in a grand trine. This is great for getting new projects started that have lots of support, either from very powerful people or from the masses. They need to be practical projects, because all these planets are in Earth signs. That’s also very strong for manifesting or creating anything that’s physically real and helpful.

Sun trine Mars provides a lot of energy and thank heavens for this, since we have another cycle that’s been dissipating it. Sun trine Pluto is great for handling power well and for getting the support of powerful people. It’s also associated with powerful leaders. Mars trine Pluto is associated with transforming our motivations and actions. So if you’re starting a new project at this time, just check in to see if it has the ability to change our motivations and actions. If so, it’s a perfect fit to this set of cycles. Sun trine Mars peaked on April 23rd and it stays in range through May 1st. Sun trine Pluto peaks on April 29th and stays in range through May 6th. Mars trine Pluto peaks on May 16th.

On April 29th, we get two cycles peaking at the same time, which suggest that there’s a major issue that leaders are forced to handle. This is the Sun trine Pluto and the 1st Quarter Moon. The way out of this is through some new ideas. This is shown by the Moon trine both Uranus and Mercury. This supports choosing a new solution over something old. There are also some emotional adjustments required at this time in order to handle the crisis well. If you find yourself in some type of crisis on Sunday or Monday, check in to see if you’re experiencing internal insecurities. If so, it’s time to tell a new story and shift away from what you no longer want.

Next, beginning May 3rd, peaking on May 13th, and staying in range through May 19th, we get a cycle associated with expansion and growth. This is the Sun conjunct Jupiter. Take advantage of this cycle prior to May 12th, when we have the 3rd Quarter Moon. If you’re starting a project and want it to bring in high-growth, consider starting it on May 4th or May 8th, but no later.

Next, Mars is still opposite Neptune now until mid-May. So I hope you’ve been paying attention to this and getting more rest. Keep taking your immune system boosters too. Keep in mind that the most ideal expression of this cycle is to take spiritually-motivated or inspired actions. This can include, but is not limited to, spending time in meditation, doing release work, journaling, dream work, or being of service to others. You might also get an inspired idea that you follow through on. There are lots of ways to do this.

However, what’s our usual tendency? Just ignore it and keep going at about 90 mph down the highway of life! If we do that though, instead of taking good care of ourselves, then it’s easy to get sick and/or just run out of energy. Once that happens, then you’ll finally have the time to meditate or take other spiritually motivated actions. Get the picture? If you don’t slow down and use this period appropriately, then the Universe will help you slow down so you can take those inspired actions. It’s always your choice, which way you want to do this. I encourage you to make it easy on yourself. Be sure you get enough rest. Take immune system boosters and be sure you have some time for those inspired or spiritually-motivated actions.

The good news about this is that you’re probably gaining a lot more clarity about what you want to do, where you want to head or how you want to proceed. At the moment, while Mars is opposite Neptune, we may still be experiencing confusion about what to do next. We may even be deceiving ourselves about something very important, or someone else may be deceiving us. Mars opposite Neptune is also associated with taking deceptive actions. So beware!

Also just a reminder that this year through March 2019 we’re in a period that’s associated with revolutionary energies and unexpected Earth changes. This is the first year this cycle, which is Uranus square Pluto, will peak. NOW would be a good time to replenish or start disaster preparations. Stock up, not just on food and water, but all kinds of supplies that you couldn’t easily live without for a month or longer. Remember what happened in Japan and for that matter, Katrina. Take a lesson from that situation and let’s all be prepared for whatever could unexpectedly occur.