Those Disruptive Surprises

by Madeline Gerwick

Madeline Gerwick AstrologerWe're now firmly in the period when Mars Out-of-Bounds meets the volatile and explosive Mars square Uranus cycle. In general, these two cycles together can be highly disruptive, with anger and violence occurring. Unexpected actions, which are disruptive and/or explosive are common. According to the Wall Street Journal, the US government filed charges against Edward Snowden, now known in the media as the Leaker, on June 14th. In the Eastern time zone, June 14th had a Time-Out until 12:27 PM that day. Of course they could also have filed the charges in the afternoon, during a Yellow Final Result. That would yield some results, but not meet their expectations.

These cycles are further compounded by a third cycle (Mars opposite Pluto), which increases tension, anger, and the intensity of the situation. It's designed to transform our motivations, and commonly it comes to our attention that our current motivations are no longer functional. Sexual and other physical abuse are also common under this cycle.

Even worse, Mars is hanging out with Jupiter, making the disruptions even bigger and worse than they would have been. So you may encounter those "when it rains, it pours" situations, with multiple issues occurring at once. Or it may just be an enormous issue, with multiple complications.

On top of that, Mars in Cancer is in it's worst sign (fall). This is a warrior who is doing things he shouldn't be doing. He may even be taking illegal or unethical actions. It can feel like a wild boar just entered your lovely china shop and has unleashed his fury. So these disruptions can be extremely challenging.

What can you do with these disruptions? Whoever is doing the disrupting is "out-of-bounds" or taking extremely disruptive actions. There is some help from legal advisers and/or government/ organizational officials, which may persuade the disruptor to back off a bit (Mars trine Saturn). There may also be help in the form of a spiritual/religious counselor or a healer (Mars conjunct Jupiter and both trine Neptune and Chiron).

By Monday morning, you should be able to find excellent help, which is likely to be in the form of a very highly regarded, and competent woman (Moon in Taurus). This practical person can act as a liaison to the disruptor and she is likely to come up with some solutions. Start looking for this person immediately. She is your best bet for finding a solution.

Also see below. An entirely different path is possible. If you can extricate yourself from the disruption, you may be able to focus on creating some very big money. Or you may find yourself involved in a disruptive situation where big money is at stake. If you're in the latter situation, start looking for the most benevolent outcome for all parties involved. There is one. Start focusing on creating it by allowing the Universe to show it to you. You will need to let go of your anger to do this. Your reward for doing so is the big money.

The Mars Out-of-Bounds cycle began June 29th and lasts through August 2nd. The Mars square Uranus cycle came in range on July 21st. It peaks on July 31st. it stays in range through August 10th. Mars opposite Pluto came in range on July 17th. It peaks on July 27th and stays in range through August 6th.

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