The July 2011 Astro Weather Update

by Madeline Gerwick

Madeline Gerwick Astrologer

Venus Square Saturn

The first important cycle I have to tell you about this July is one associated with scarcity, or feeling like there’s not enough money. This cycle is Venus square Saturn, while the Moon opposes Venus and also squares Saturn. This cycle is most intense July 15, so you may feel like you have too many expenses that week compared to the amount of your pay check. In any case, this is temporary, so if this impacts you, just take a deep breath. You may need to conserve your funds this weekend, but you will be fine soon.

Another way these cycles can show up is in needing to account for your money, doing those bank reconciliations so you know how much money you really have. Long-term relationships or feelings of depression can also be challenging under this cycle, especially if there are money issues in the relationship. It’s better to focus on creating enough, rather than feeling like you don’t have enough.

Speaking of not having enough, I want to mention that this week there were towns in Iowa that were completely destroyed. Unless you’re in that situation, chances are you’re better off than you realize. Be grateful for whatever you do have in moments such as these. Venus square Saturn peaked this week and stays in range through July 19th.  

Full Moon in Capricorn

Very late July 14th in the Pacific time zone, or very early July 15th in the Eastern time zone we had a Full Moon in Capricorn. In the greater Seattle area and for much of the west coast, this Full Moon suggests the potential for severe weather or earth changes. So I hope everyone has prepared for that. 

What’s coming to light at this month’s Full Moon are special abilities to take actions that generate results. Hey that’s important since we all need results! There are also three interconnected cycles that suggest nearly obsessive amounts of communications related to growth and the processes required to implement that growth. That doesn’t necessarily mean that growth will occur, but there’s certainly a lot of talk regarding that and what it will take to move in that direction.

There are also entrenched issues related to money slipping away without being noticed or seen. So watch your budget closely! Idealistic ideas related to money and relationships are also being challenged. Especially in romantic relationships, be sure you’re relating to the person in front of you and not the idealization of your mate in your head. Otherwise you could be quite disappointed downstream.

U.S. Debt Levels

The full moon chart also shows that our polarized Congress still has issues related to the budget and the debt ceiling. Because we’re getting close to the August 2nd default date, the ratings agency, Moody’s, has put the US debt up for review, which could result in a lower bond rating. If that happened, then the US would have to pay a higher interest rate on all US Treasury bonds and notes. If that occurs, whatever savings this Congress may iron out will be lost down the rat hole of paying more and more interest. It will soon become unaffordable, probably in a matter of 6-9 months.

It’s also important to note that back in 2003 the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, or the OCC, reported that "in less than ten years the interest on US debt would become unaffordable." They wrote that report prior to the Iraqi war and all the bailouts. Here we are nearly to that point anyway. So it may not matter if the debt ceiling is increased or not. It looks like the US is headed down the path of defaulting, one way or another. Be sure you save your money and retirement in gold or silver coins. Then whatever happens your wealth will be safe.

For the financial markets, this Full Moon shows that the stock and bond markets are entrenched in fear. Both stocks and bonds appear to be in trouble, so get some gold or silver coins instead. Stocks have dropped by 80% against the value of gold over the past ten years. Plus gold is likely to go to $6,000 per ounce or higher by 2016.

Mercury Retrograde Shadow

The Mercury Retrograde Shadow period begins on July 15th. This suggests that lots of mistakes are coming to light during or shortly after this Full Moon. That might include the mistakes or lies we’ve been told about the budget and the process to pass one. Pay attention now!

Now just what is the Mercury Retrograde Shadow period? This is the period right before Mercury retrograde when we typically make a lot of mistakes. There’s really no way to “outrun” Mercury retrograde once we’re in this period. That’s because Mercury is travelling through the area that it’s going to retrace, and you will find those mistakes as the retracing occurs. The best way to prevent those problems, and save a LOT of time and money next month, is to double check all your details now, before you release anything.

If that seems like a hassle, wait until you see the hassle of fixing your mistakes next month, after they’ve gotten “out of the barn” so to speak. It will take you a fraction of the time now to catch and fix your mistakes before they get out the door. This shadow period starts July 15th and lasts through August 1st. Mercury retrograde begins August 2nd and lasts through August 26th.

Sun Conjunct Venus

Beginning July 17th, we're under a cycle that’s associated with not seeing something clearly regarding a financial or relationship situation. This could be related to a partner, a vendor, a customer, or even a friend or family member. This cycle, Sun conjunct Venus, will be with us for quite some time. It will peak on August 15 – 17th and continues through September 13th. Take your time when you evaluate a financial or relationship situation. Use the upcoming Mercury retrograde to rethink the situation and see what you were misunderstanding or missing.