The Explosive and Positive Potential in the July and August Cycles

Five "Eclipses" in 13 Days!

by Madeline Gerwick

Madeline Gerwick Astrologer As of today, July 18th, 2012, we’re well into the Mercury retrograde, when Mercury appears to move backwards in the heavens. Are you noticing problems with your computer? Slower traffic? Get your car fixed right away if it’s making funny noises. Get your computers backed up with a full-system back-up if you haven't already. And for heaven’s sake, double or triple check everything before you send it out.During this time we’re more likely to make mistakes than usual.

Mercury retrograde started July 15th and lasts through August 7th. All Mercury retrogrades are excellent for fixing or repairing things. This is especially a great time to do home repairs, while we have good weather. These periods are great for looking back, reconsidering our needs, and for reconnecting with past customers, friends and family. It’s also the ideal time to catch up, clean up and recycle things you no longer want. You can donate things, sell items on Craig’s List or eBay, or have a garage sale. It doesn’t matter how you recycle items you no longer want or need. You get your energy back when you pass them on, and that allows you to bring in more money.

This particular retrograde seems to be better than most of them. Mercury moves back into good cycles with a trine with Uranus, plus a sextile to both Mars and Jupiter. These cycles can help us keep some sanity while we have some volatile energies at the same time. This particular Mercury retrograde gives us ample opportunities to research some great, new ideas, and explore different implementation possibilities. It would also be a good time to redo a web site or blog.

Between July 20th and July 23rd, we have an especially good set of energies for speaking, training, and giving sales presentations. Mercury trines Uranus and sextiles both Mars and Jupiter on these days. Those cycles reinforce the fortunate actions you’re pursuing then with new perspectives and ideas. So be sure to use these dates!
What should you avoid doing during Mercury retrograde? Don’t start new projects, unless it’s one to fix or repair something, or to do a big clean up job. Don’t schedule as much as you usually do, because this is the time to catch up. Don’t sign contracts, because you won’t know what your real needs are until we finish this Mercury retrograde period. If you will slow down, clean up and catch up, you will have a MUCH better period than others who try to push the river!

Mercury trine Uranus peaks a 2nd time on July 25th. It peaks yet again on August 18th and stays in range through August 22nd. This is an excellent time to experiment with new ideas and improve their implementation. Mercury sextile Mars comes in range on July19th, peaks on July 22nd and stays in range through July 24th. Mercury is also sextile Jupiter between July 20th and 27th, and it peaks on July 24th. So between July 20th and 22nd, we have an exceptional period to reintroduce products or services, retake fortunate actions, or to revisit a favorite location or person.

Next, what’s getting started at the New Moon on July 18th or 19th  (depending on your time zone) are lots of heavy responsibilities and challenges related to the structures of our daily lives, our homes, and the US’ position in the world. On a personal level, you may feel like you’re weighed down with more responsibilities than you really want, but you know they need to be handled. So this period is ideal for doing so.

There are two major paths with this New Moon. One path shows a great tendency toward violence, war, anger, or explosions. The other path consists of fortunate actions that bring unexpected growth opportunities and possibly some fame. So before you explode over an issue, look for the fortunate action that can lead you to success! There IS another way around the challenge if we’ll look for it.

The two cycles for fortunate actions and unexpected growth peak on July 17th and July 21st respectively. Mars trine Jupiter, stays in range through August 3rd. Jupiter sextile Uranus, which represents unexpected growth, stays in range through August 6th.
The explosive energies are shown by Mars opposite Uranus and square Pluto. They can erupt unexpectedly, and indicate safety issues, especially related to fires. With summer here, ensure your workplace, home, car, and vacation include safety precautions. These energies can also be experienced as anger, rage or sexual abuse. Be extra cautious when driving or working with machinery. These cycles peak on July 17th  – 18th and stay in range through July 30th.

The energies at the Full Moon on August 1st are exceptionally positive. There are multiple cycles for high growth and abundance, shown by the Moon trine Jupiter and the Sun sextile Jupiter. Creativity is strong with both the Sun and Mercury trine Uranus, which brings in new ideas and solutions. To top it all off, we have the energies for very long-term and stable partnerships and/or contracts. That’s shown by the cycle of Venus trine Saturn.

Beginning August 2nd, a cycle comes in range that is often associated with frustration as we start new projects, only to be stopped repeatedly. The Universe is advising us that the best way to get something done is to actually write down a plan. You need a written plan that says what tasks have to be accomplished and in what order. Ideally it will also say by what date and who is going to do each task. Sound like a lot of work? It’s a lot LESS work than starting and stopping continuously until you do this! This cycle is Mars conjunct Saturn. It peaks on August 15th and stays in range through August 27th.

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