The Dominoes Are Starting to Fall

Five "Eclipses" in 13 Days!

by Madeline Gerwick

Madeline Gerwick Astrologer

There's no doubt about it. June 2012 is probably the most intense month of changes we'll have had to date. Beginning Monday, June 4th, this month is set up astrologically as though dominoes are falling over, one by one, and gaining speed as they go. We have the equivalent of five "eclipses" in just 13 days (beween June 4 - 16th). Just the latest news includes the following:

  1. The Chinese gave the signal to their banks that it's OK to dump their US dollars. This should result in a fairly rapid decline in the value of the US dollar. Get some gold coins if you don't already have some. Do it soon though, as gold is already starting to shoot upward. If the dominoes really are falling, gold could be substantially higher by the end of June. If you're unfamiliar with buying gold coins, there's an article on my web site, How to Buy Gold. Silver is also an excellent investment.
  2. Spain got rebuffed by the European Central Bank (ECB) for their plan to bail out their bank, Bankia. The plan involved Spain putting in €19 billion in sovereign bonds. These would then be changed into cash by the ECB. That idea was considered "unacceptable" and Bankia, which has €180 billion in bad property loans, is another step closer to failing. This could occur next week or at some time during June, unless Spain and the ECB agree to a workable plan.
  3. Spain also announced that during the first three months of 2012, that it lost almost €100 billion in capital flight from the country. This is roughly 10% of Spain's gross domestic product. Numbers for April and May are not yet available, but are expected to be at least that much or more.
  4. The Dow Jones lost everything it gained this year on June 1st. Don't expect this to go back up right away either. June is a very volatile month.

What else could we see happen? How about Greece defaulting this month? Greece will have their run-off elections on June 17th and if the leftwing party that came in second last month wins, they've already announced that they will cancel the bailout (ie default) and raise taxes on the wealthy. At the international United Astrologer's Conference that I attended last week, I asked a business astrologer in the Netherlands about Europe's expectations for Greece. She said, "Everyone expects Greece to default." That's pretty much a no-brainer. That means without question it will default and since our expectations are manifesting much faster now, this is very likely to occur in June.

Or how about the top five US banks, which hold 97% of the credit default swaps for those Greek bonds, failing? (Yes, they hold more credit default swaps for those Greek bonds than they have in combined assets.) Both the euro and the US dollar are prepared to take further cuts. This is the time to get out of stocks, bonds and anything that might crash with them.

I also noticed another interesting announcement, which quite surprised me. Check out this announcement related to multiple groups demanding changes in the Catholic Church or else they are going to ensure the Catholic Church is banned from five countries, including Canada, the United States, Ireland, England and Australia. They have given the Catholic Church until September 15, 2012 to start meeting their demands, or they will ensure those countries will not allow the Catholic Church to continue in those jurisdictions. By the way, that date is just 3-4 days before the second peak of our revolutionary energies (Uranus square Pluto). Does that sound radical? I suspect we haven't seen anything yet!

The Five Eclipses

Now just how could there be five "eclipses" in 13 days, suggesting the effect of dominoes falling? An eclipse is when a planet, the Sun, or Moon are obscured or "not seen" due to unusual planetary alignments. This occurs when an alignment happens in two axes, not just the usual one. These occultations are like eclipses.

  1. The first eclipse is the Lunar Eclipse we have on Monday June 4th.
  2. June 5th Venus aligns with the Sun in two axes, creating the equivalent of an eclipse of Venus with the Sun.
  3. June 6th we have Moon occult Pluto, when the Moon is obscuring Pluto in two axes (Moon conjunct and parallel Pluto).
  4. A similar, fourth event occurs on June 11/12 between the Moon and Uranus,
  5. The fifth event occurs on June 16/17 between the Moon and Jupiter. This one makes a bad situation worse by making it bigger and it may be associated with the date that Greece effectively defaults, if their election chooses the leftwing party. (VERY likely with these energies!)

I've never seen five "eclipses" in 13 days and in my research I haven't yet located the last time this occurred. It's also highly unusual that we will have several Moon - Pluto occultations (or eclipses) this year! This combination of energies is often associated with emotionally traumatic situations, which then create emotional transformation and inner security after the shock.

All of the above eclipses or occultations are then followed by:

  1. A New Moon on June 19th
  2. The Summer Solstice on June 20th
  3. The first of seven peaks of our revolutionary energies, Uranus square Pluto, on June 24th
  4. Jupiter square Neptune on June 25th
  5. Saturn going direct on June 25th
  6. Venus going direct on June 27th

Keep in mind that during the first two eclipses (June 4th and 5th) there is also the peak of Venus in Gemini square Mars, which suggests devaluation of multiple currencies. This probably means that both the US dollar and the euro will devalue together (for different reasons though). Other currencies could also devalue. Get your money to safety by buying gold and/or silver coins.

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