Sun Opposite Neptune: Feeling Confused? (2)

by Madeline Gerwick

Madeline Gerwick AstrologerRight now the prevalent energies are related to confusion, uncertainty, or a vision that's unclear (Sun opposite Neptune). If you're in the midst of a project that feels muddled or unclear, most likely you're feeling these energies. Or perhaps you're waiting for some event to occur, and it's unknown when it will happen or even the signs that it will happen (yes, when will that Global Currency Reset occur?). There are lots of potential ways this can show up in your work or home life.

How can you best handle this? Stop looking for clarity with your rational mind. These energies work best when you're willing to work with your intuition, trust your gut instincts, or listen to that little voice in your head.

In fact the reason most of us are confused by these energies, is because they're designed to work with our intuition, instead of our rational mind. So while your mind may be very confused, unclear, or uncertain, your intuition is likely to be right on the money. If you'll choose to listen to that part of yourself, you're likely to find a much more comfortable sense of knowing what's really happening. You may not have your rational proof, but you'll still have a good sense of it.

This cycle peaks on the morning of August 29th and it stays in range through September 5thNotice that our holiday weekend has this cycle, so be careful when you're driving. This cycle can be associated with fog, rain, or low visibility factors, or as mentioned above, confusion.

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