Retrograde Times at Hand

by Erin Sullivan

Erin Sullivan Astrologer Seen it before? See it again. . . and hear.

Some revelation is at hand! They come in by the minute now, at this pace . . . and today, September 18, 2010, Jupiter and Uranus are exactly conjunct at 28º 42' Pisces retrograde . . . and about to be opposed by the Sun on the 20th . . .

The annual Sun opposing any Rx planet from Mars outward, ... is the "Flashpoint" when there is an illumination of what the Retrograde message "is" . . . in this situation, we have the planet of global and tribal affinities AND disparities, conjunct the planet of innovation and hyper- as well as a more detached form of collectivism.

Passions are out of control, more than ever . . . and it would seem that "tribalism in the twenty first century" is a complex and dire state of affairs as well as a long-term potential for compassion.

Increasing numbers of people who CAN, will begin to speak out and people who never thought they would join hands, hearts and minds . . . scientist will long for metaphysician; doctors for healers; artists for agronomists; loners will long for others; people will begin to chafe under the superficial and the banal, feel hungry for truth . . . and become increasingly irritated, angry and then - realize that we change in twos and threes, not alone. Yes, it is one at a time, but it has to be in tandem with others . .

We have been saying this for a very very long time.

However critical mass is growing with the slight mutation of the Cardinal T-square, as JU and UR move back together, and flashed by the Sun, will bring more "information" out from the dark of the .

Pisces is about many things, but it is the ancestral league of all humanity . . . all whom have gone before, and Jupiter is cultural ancestry in one of his guises, cultural roots; with Uranus there, an uprising of thought and concern by one, two, three people, more, brings information.

There is a sense of messianic fervor in the air, the world mood and thus, each of us is about to become more overwhelmed and undernourished. The function of Retrograde is to interior-ize and process in the dark, when the Sun shines directly upon it, the Rx planet begins a slow movement toward going direct, and when it/they do in November, a line will be crossed that, ultimately, leads to the agony and the ecstasy of massive awareness of how pain, suffering, abomination, human outrage, death, destruction, deception, criminality, ruthlessness, lack of fundamental ethics, blind faith=death, extortion, and endless other VERY human, but very unconscious human character traits, have become absorbed into our consciousness as a new "norm".

How have we become so inured to this galling world? Many of us haven't, but most have. It becomes like a lower backache . . . one gets used to it. Those of us privileged to "do" something, will, and can . . . but none of us is a divine being, an immortal, so with that firmly in the prefrontal cortex, then go out and commit small acts of great meaning. Tell the story. The story that cannot be told by the majority of people on the planet today.

I am quite looking forward to the next few days . . . even if it is only a shift in my own perspective, and an acceptance of the quality of our times, and that we are in perilous/innovative and high frequency times . . . in knowing and accepting that, we have given permission for seeing, understanding, knowing and thus, having real feelings instead of inflated self focused fear.

Once limbic fear is at rest, then the mind will work at its best; and the brain informs the senses, and from there, we can function at a reasonably high level. Just accept. Be conscious. Have goals without expectation...

Being mindful is being aware without judgement (you can still have an opinion!) - and operating mindfully in our own life spreads . . . it is contagious! So maybe, just maybe, along with the extraordinary intensity and blue-shifting wave length of energy, there is an excited calm available.

{youtube}4xjPODksI08{/youtube}Yes - we can be idealistic AND realistic . . . . be both, be all! Be the bridge between ideal and real . . . heaven and earth. We live right between the two places, so we are the mediators, and mediation of conflict is the magnum opus . . . the great life work.

Watch for excitement! Beware of delusion. No one knows what is going to "happen", so don't ask, and don't listen if they say they do! Just know, and let it be so. Be Heaven and Earth united - reunite the primordial parents!