Snow White and the Huntsman: Dark Venus Rising

by Tony Howard

Tony Howard Astrologer

The new film Snow White and the Huntsman presents a wonderful opportunity to explore both the darker shades of the Venus archetype as well as the Venus retrograde cycle. The 2012 Venus retrograde cycle (which includes the heliacal rising on June 12) is an exceptional one in that it occurs simultaneously with several other important astrological events, including the rare transit of Venus, Neptune stationing in Pisces, several eclipses (or occultations), and later in the month, the station of Saturn in Libra, plus the first exact square of Uranus and Pluto, just to name a few! You can read more about these events in my blog post, A Perfect Storm.

Snow White and the Huntsman astrologyOn the weekend just before the transit of Venus (which occurred on a Tuesday), the film Snow White and the Huntsman made its debut in the number one spot at the box office. Composed of a rich tapestry of symbolic imagery, the film was released in concert with some of the strongest planetary alignments in June 2012. In the following article published exclusively in the Digital Edition of The Mountain Astrologer, we'll explore these transits and some of the symbolism in the film in detail. Follow the link below to sign up for the Digital Edition of TMA to read on.

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