September Astrocycles 2013

by Joan Kiley

Joan Kiley AstrologerSeptember came to us gently this year, on a holiday weekend, the Virgo Sun in almost exact trine to Pluto in Capricorn, sextile to the North Node and Saturn in Scorpio. The Moon was in her own sign of Cancer, as was Jupiter. The earth trine, in particular, may have helped us to feel grounded, while the Moon and Jupiter helped us to feel safe.

We so needed a bit of safe ground, even if it was for just a brief moment. The gentleness didn’t last long. Meanwhile we wait on pins and needles for a decision to be made on Syria, for resolving the fights we expect in Congress over the debt ceiling, for containment of forest fires. There is no end to the list of crises in the world about which we can fret, not to mention our personal levels of not knowing. And there’s no energy like Virgo energy to stir and flex our “fretting” muscles!

On September 2nd, Labor Day in the U.S., the Moon joined Mars in fiery Leo. There was some agitation we all felt, an impatience with both little and big things, a lot of muttering under the breath, while trying to make nice at the Labor Day barbecue. Venus is, after all, in Libra until the 11th, making socializing a priority. However, she is also, in her final days in Libra, opposing Eris. We may not know a lot about Eris yet, but we do know that peacemaking is not likely her strong suit. So a lot of smiling on the outside but conflict on the inside. Seems we were all in need of a holiday!

On the 3rd, the Sun was exactly opposite Chiron, increasing the likelihood of recognizing that ways we’ve had of handling sensitive issues, are no longer working for us. We’ve been needing to change, not only how we think about our wounded prickly spots, but how we react to having them touched. Some of us have been acting immature, indulging our egos. A more mature, accepting, approach to how life presents itself would be more consistent with the growing and evolving self-image we’re developing. Reluctantly, we’re slowly changing. Virgo energy is always ready to improve, ready to question what can be changed and willing to try to do it. There’s still time to take advantage of Virgo.

The Sun was still opposing Chiron at the New Moon when the Moon joined the Sun at 13 degrees Virgo on September 5, at 4:35 AM PDT. Interesting aspects, none exact: opposition to Chiron, sextile Jupiter, quincunx Uranus, trine Pluto. Given that the New Moon, the start of this new lunar cycle, is in Virgo, there’s immediately a sense of preparation, of needing to start the “clean-up” in preparation for a bigger event to come.

One of the more interesting aspects building during the first week of the month is fiery Mars in Leo waxing square to cool Saturn in Scorpio. Because Saturn is closing in on a conjunction to the North Node of the Moon, Mars will soon be squaring the nodes as well. There is a need for caution here. It’s a good time for the humility of Virgo to stand tall. For any overly assertive, ego-focused actions and behaviors will be challenged. They’ll be challenged from within ourselves, and very likely by outer forces as well.

We’re seeing this with the Obama Administration’s very strong push for a military strike in Syria. Unlike in the past few decades when the population of the country seemed to go nearly euphoric in their agreeing to rush into war, any war, this time the majority of the population is saying NO, according to polls. It’s almost as if we are, for once, taking a longer view. Despite the promises that this strike will not lead to war, we are skeptical. Is this military involvement in the complex quagmire of the Middle East really where we want to find ourselves down the road (Saturn on the North Node)? Do we really want to take this Mars-like action, knowing our history (South Node) with these kinds of entanglements that really aren’t our business to mind? Aren’t there other, more humane options that would be a better expenditure of our resources? (Jupiter in Cancer, Neptune in Pisces, both in wide trines to Saturn and the North Node) What about trying something new (Uranus), rather than the “same ol’ same ol” response to the corporate influences certain to profit from another military conflict?

We can use the Syria question as a metaphor for behavior in our personal lives. When we find ourselves aggressively taking a Mars-like stance on an issue, it may very well be a time to take a step back, question how this might lead us in the future, and if that is really where we want to go. Saturn may be frustrating at times, but without a doubt, it is a teacher, and one to whom we would do well to pay heed.

The Mars/Saturn square is exact on September 8, but remains in orb through the Saturn/North Node exact conjunction on September 16 and 17, when Venus, who moves into Scorpio on the 10th, conjoins Saturn in Scorpio. Retrograde Chiron in Pisces will be trine the grouping in Scorpio. Mercury in Libra will oppose Uranus. This could be extremely delicate if negotiations are in the mix, as we can only hope they will be. Jupiter will T-square Mercury and Uranus and widely oppose Pluto. Will the good of all (Jupiter in Cancer) take precedence over military and corporate interests (Pluto in Capricorn)? Will there be innovative middle ground (Mercury/Uranus) or a shocking revelation that can bring about a cease-fire?

In our personal lives, can we love ourselves enough to put our own needs in equal priority with our responsibilities to others (Venus conjunct Saturn)? With planets conjoined the North Node, are we really on track to make adjustments to old ways of handling our relationships, our finances, our personal limitations?

The Moon moves into Pisces on the 17th and conjuncts Neptune and then Chiron as it builds up to its full phase. The Full Moon in Pisces occurs on September 19, at 4:13 AM PDT. At that time, it is Pluto that is making numerous aspects. It is still sextile Saturn, the North Node and Venus in Scorpio. It’s also sextile Chiron in Pisces, and square Uranus in Aries. The Full Moon and the Sun? No aspects at all.

The very next day, September 20th, Pluto stations direct at 8:29 AM PDT. This is the signal! What you’ve been holding back or clinging to, wondering when or if it’s time to release, needs to go. And often, when Pluto does go direct, it’s no longer even a question. What’s ready to go just drops off and we walk on undisturbed. May it be just that clear and easy for all of us.

When the Moon moves through Taurus on the 22nd, we’ll get a validation of our Plutonic release. The Moon conjoins the South Node and trines Pluto, while opposing the North Node/Saturn conjunction. We may get an “aha” moment, a “yes” feeling in our bones. Reminders of our past may have us feeling a little emotional but it will be bitter-sweet, because we’ll know we’re now headed in the right direction.

That same day, September 22nd, at 1:50 PM PDT, we have the Fall Equinox, as the Sun moves into Libra. Immediately the Sun begins to build toward a T-square with Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn. There is a tension in the air, a discomfort, for the Libran energy seeks balance and harmony. We may or may not be able to put our finger on exactly what the tension is about, but we feel it.

The Fall season comes with a sense of slowing down. The long summer days of much outdoor activity have come to a close. Whether or not we personally are reaping harvests of the field, we need to reflect on the harvests we do have, both outer and inner, the accomplishments of the past few seasons. It is important to honor them, honor ourselves, seek an “attitude of gratitude.” This will put us in better temper to contemplate what is needed for the seed time of winter ahead.

The last week of the month continues the build-up to the T-square, putting emphasis on the next exact square of Uranus and Pluto, which will come in just over a month. Midweek, the Sun is in exact quincunx to Neptune. If we tune into our hearts, we may get an inkling of something that needs an adjustment. We may discover more to be grateful for, perhaps an experience that helped us to grow, despite its initial difficulty. The tension, however, does not abate.

Venus in Scorpio is square Mars in Leo the entire final week as well. The desire nature of the fiery Mars may experience yet another cramp in its flamboyant style. First Saturn, then Venus. Can’t we just have a good time? What is all this truth telling anyway? We may experience our “I want what I want” ego, and then an inner “but it may not be consistent with my values” conscience.

Venus gains strength when she forms a trine to Jupiter in Cancer, from the 24th through the 28th. This emotional duo may bring up much emotion, compassion, and a desire to experience kindness. At, “small acts that change the world,” you can read inspiring stories about small acts of kindness or play the “pay-it-forward” game. I encourage you to check it out, or create/share your own stories. Our world needs all the kindness we can muster.

The final day of September, the Sun will be in a strong T-square with Uranus and Pluto, so the transition into October will be one of tension, between strong urges for change and pressure to hang onto old systems that are crumbling. Yes, a good time for some small acts of kindness.

See you next month.


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