September 2012 Cycles and the Jolt of the Full Moon in Aries

by Joan Kiley

Joan Kiley AstrologerThough temperatures may have us doubting the fact that summer is coming to an end, the shortening of days and the arrival of the Autumnal Equinox, faithfully initiates us into the Fall season.

Astrologically, on September 1st we were coming off a Pisces Full Blue Moon, and the Sun in Virgo was still opposing Chiron in Pisces. Mercury was new in its own sign of Virgo, but in a fit of discomfort while opposing Neptune (unless dreaminess in detail is your forte). Mars was expressing through some fresh new energy in its own sign of Scorpio, trine Neptune and Chiron. By September 4th, both the Sun and Mercury were feeling more solidly Virgo, and plotting details for tidying up the loose ends of summer. Mercury was trine Pluto, the Moon opposed Saturn, and Mars was sextile Pluto. The early Fall work began in earnest!

Interesting also that Mercury, Mars, Uranus, Pluto and Chiron were all at 7 degrees of their respective signs. There is a lot of symbolism around the number 7, and it implies a creative, almost magical quality of energy on that day. Note the seven stages of consciousness, the seven veils of the Goddess Isis, the seven chakras or vortices of power, the seven stages of alchemy. Implied here is a connection, a harmony, between all of the particular planets that day, something creative and oriented to change.

Look for a little excess nervous energy on September 8th when the Moon conjuncts Jupiter in Gemini, and forms a strong square to the Mercury/Sun conjunction in Virgo. Be aware of your tendency to overthink and/or overspeak about small details that may not be that important in the bigger picture. Instead take refuge in the Venus in Leo energy that will build up to a square with Mars in Scorpio. A generous loving heart will win more fans than nervous fretting over the inconsequential.

As the Moon moves through the early degrees of Cancer on September 9th it will form a T-square with Pluto and Uranus, and people will likely be overly sensitive to slights and possible misunderstandings. Knowing this ahead of time allows us to keep in mind Don Miguel Ruiz’ agreement of “not taking anything personally.” We’re all in this big shifting together, coping with deep changes, whether we’re conscious of them or not. Therefore, the need for kindness and openness to ourselves and to others is always in play.

Venus becomes the focal point of a Yod on September 11th with Pluto and Chiron as the base. This could be the turning point in the significant release of an old pattern, and provide insight as to which direction to move now. This will be both inner as well as outer work. On the 12th, the Moon joins Venus in this configuration, adding an even deeper emotional imprint, a possible childhood memory involving nurturance or the lack thereof. The Sun and Mercury are conjunct during this period, so thoughts of trying to make improvements to the situation may vie for precedence over the emotional content. Better to bring the head and heart to balance for a more workable solution.

Saturday, September 15, at 7:10 PM PDT, we have the New Moon in Virgo, snuggling up to Mercury as well. This highlight of Virgo energy reminds us to be humble, to realize and appreciate our earthy incarnation despite being spiritual beings. Our spirits are being somewhat stressed right now as Pluto and Uranus prompt our souls to step up and become even more who we were meant to be. As always, the New Moon period is one in which to vision, to imagine, and to dream. Allow your soul to speak to you of the future, and your role in it.

We can definitely count on September being another BIG month astrologically. Uranus, still retrograde, and Pluto, having just stationed direct, come into their second exact square on September 18, at 9 PM PDT. They form a T-square with Mercury, in the early degrees of Libra. Mercury will be quincunx Neptune. The power of change, the power to change, all will be available to the mind. Keep imagining the most positive outcomes. Be encouraging to yourself; be encouraging to others. Remember, we are all in this together!

When the Sun enters Libra, the moment of the Autumnal Equinox, at 8 AM PDT on September 22, the Cardinal T-square from the 18th is still in range, and the Sun then joins in. The Sun adds a more personal touch, and any planets you have in the early degrees of the cardinal signs will be more activated in that moment (as if they haven’t been already!?!). Plus, Venus, which rules Libra, is squaring Mars, which is in its own sign of Scorpio. Both are strong, and the square adds to creative tension. You would do well to be creative, involve yourself in artistic expression on this day, rather than indulging in feelings of conflict in a relationship, which could be reckless.

Later on the 22nd and on the 23rd, the Moon joins the Cardinal T-square in a conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn, adding emotional content to the highly volatile energy of this time. It’s not a time to go into denial or pretend there’s nothing of importance happening. What we are all experiencing is of critical importance. Take some time to yourself and jot down whatever images emerge. Don’t necessarily try to make sense of them in the moment. Just honor your experience and your images. They may be of service later when you are searching for meaning in this historic moment in time.

By September 25th we have a strong Mercury in Libra/Jupiter in Gemini trine. During the day, the Moon in Aquarius moves in to form a Grand Trine in air. A great period for learning and communicating, exchanging information in meaningful ways. Indulge in learning some new technology or researching the right answers to significant questions on your mind.

Late in the month, on September 29th, at 8:17 PM PDT, we’ll be moved/motivated/irritated/jolted by the Full Moon in Aries, conjunct Uranus. The Sun in Libra and the Aries Moon will be in that magical degree of 7, which we had some experience of early in the month with five planets in that degree. This time the Sun and Moon form a strong T-square with Uranus and Pluto, and it could signify a difficult but possibly productive next few weeks to come in October, as the lunation resolves what was begun on the 15th. Mercury will move into a conjunction with Saturn, and Venus moves into opposition with Neptune during that time, and Mars conjuncts the North Node of the Moon. We are moving forward, ignited by the challenges of necessity and the pull of evolution.

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