Pisces to Aries: The Ending is the Beginning

Dena DeCastro Astrologer

Pisces to Aries: The Ending is the Beginning

by Dena DeCastro

I went to visit a close friend of mine last week in honor of the Full Moon in Virgo (Feb. 25th). We sometimes get together to honor the Full or New Moons, using this powerful time to clear unwanted energies and to set our intentions appropriately according to the sign and phase the Moon is in. She and I are both Cancers (ruled by the Moon); it's no wonder that Moon and lunar rituals have indeed figured very prominently in our 15 years of friendship.

When I arrived at her home, she was teary-eyed, and shared with me that she had been experiencing feelings of deep grief and sadness welling up in her for some days' time. She couldn't point toward any particular cause in her present life; things are actually quite good. We talked about the possibility that unprocessed emotions from the past may be coming up for review. Emotions can sit within us until we are able to release them through tears, or perhaps through verbal acknowledgement to a trusted friend. We spent our time that day revisiting some events from her past, and from mine, that we had experienced as intensely emotionally charged. And we realized that in some cases, we had not even begun to process the more difficult aspects of the emotional terrain associated with these events: namely grief, loss, and helplessness.

In talking with my friend about the idea of unprocessed grief, I was simultaneously aware in my "astro-brain" that we are in a time of pronounced planetary focus in the sign of Pisces. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, and one of the themes of this sign is endings and letting go. Six celestial bodies – Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Neptune, and Chiron – have been moving through that sign for the better part of February and will continue through roughly the first half of March. During this period, we can expect a strong focus on endings. When something in our lives comes to a close, some amount of grief or regret can arise. And current situations in our lives may also bring forward deeply-buried feelings of loss from past endings, the grief that we have not yet allowed ourselves move through.

If you are experiencing grief, sadness, or general emotional overwhelm, know that these emotions are a natural response to the intense concentration of Pisces energy. During this time, treat yourself as you would treat your dearest friend. Be kind, be compassionate, and listen to what your emotions have to tell you. Let your guard down enough to shed tears, if they come. You might also take time to give ritual or ceremony to those things you want to consciously bring to a close, particularly within the first eleven days of March, as the Moon wanes toward the New Moon in Pisces, both the end of one lunar cycle and the beginning of a the next.

Be encouraged that after every deep letting go, there is room for a new beginning. In just a few weeks, there is a dramatic shift in the energies at play. Three of the planets now in Pisces will have moved into Aries In the last third of March, and Mercury will be in direct motion after its station (March 17th). We will be beckoned to embrace life passionately once again, in tune with the emergence of spring. Perhaps you've experienced the sensation after a good cry of being able to laugh more freely. Sometimes, we're only able to access real joy after letting the tears go. Allowing yourself the depth of your own feelings, present and past, is the first step toward a more passionate engagement with life available later this month.

"What we call the beginning is often the end
And to make and end is to make a beginning.
The end is where we start from."

T. S. Eliot, Four Quartets 4: Little Gidding

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