October: Finding Inner Peace As The Days Darken

Manu Jobst Fall By Joan Kiley

October began with the Sun and Moon still in their Libran New Moon phase, and Jupiter not far behind, at 4 degrees Libra, square Mars at 2 degrees Capricorn. Venus in Scorpio was trine Neptune in Pisces, and newly direct Mercury in Virgo was in a tight opposition to Chiron in Pisces. This beginning moment reflects a month of energetic activity, accompanied by moodiness, with a strong Neptunian flavor. Works of art, anyone? There were lots of planets in cardinal signs, plenty of hard aspects, plus Mercury beginning to pick up speed. Mercury moved into Libra October 7 at 1:00 AM PDT, continuing the emphasis of cardinal energy. The Sun, that day, was exactly square Pluto, and Mars was square Jupiter. This is the Fall season in the northern hemisphere, a time of harvest, reaping what we’ve sewn, and preparing for winter. We often think of Libra as bringing balance and harmony, and certainly it can. However, it is usually more accurate to see Libra as seeking balance rather than being it.

During the first weeks of October there was a feeling of needing to find inner peace, but instead experiencing tension, disruption, and a mounting irritation with outer events. Projects that “should” have proceeded smoothly were dogged by slowdowns until minor changes were made. Fortunately, negotiations and teamwork were successful when everyone involved was able to speak and be heard. Venus, the ruler of Libra, was in Scorpio. She was at first trine Neptune and then trine Chiron. In this position, there was no sense of being overly “nice,” as is sometimes Libra’s way, but rather an honest and strong approach to relating. Venus was able to thereby assist the Mars/Jupiter square in trusting the process and finding practical solutions, while the Sun, squaring Pluto and opposing Uranus, demanded forward movement.


The shadow side of these aspects could also be seen very clearly in the news, with no end to lies and manipulations attempted, extreme attempts at blowing things out of proportion, scandals or made-up scandals revealed, and tensions mounting.

Meanwhile, during this whole period, Saturn was square the Moon’s nodes. That need for Libran balance, but the difficulty in truly feeling it, felt fated. The insanity of world affairs, the imbalance and injustice observed and experienced, were, as they had to be. Saturn in Sagittarius, the planet of limits and rules, was in the sign of seeing the bigger picture. We were viewing what must be released, even if it went down crashing and burning, and realizing there is no going back. We must move forward, no matter how difficult and scary that may be.

October’s Full Moon in Aries occurred at 9:22 PM PDT on October 15. At that time, the Moon was conjunct both Uranus and Eris as well as opposed the Sun in Libra. Pluto and Mars were conjunct in Capricorn, Saturn in Sagittarius was almost exactly square the Moon’s Nodes, and Mercury in Libra was square Pluto. This Full Moon weekend could have been quite powerful for us as individuals, and for us as a collective. New dimensions of thought, as well as startling intuitive insights, were available to us. Hopefully, you tried to stay open to, and take note of, the ideas that may have come, no matter how surprising or “weird.” May you have been cognizant of your dreams. We all have an important role to play in the evolutionary time in which we live. Clues to your role may have emerged during this powerful dynamic with the prominence of outer planets, personal planets, and the Moon’s nodes. Aries is about independent action, and the Aries Full Moon weekend was about staying true to yourself, not in a rude or aggressive way, but in a brave and considered manner.

The third week of the month, the prominence of the Sun/Mercury opposition with Uranus/Eris and the Mars/Pluto conjunction, extend some of the dynamics of the Full Moon. We may continue to be surprised by revelations, both for us personally, and in the news of the world. It is important to remain vigilant to your own sense of purpose, and not get distracted by outer events.

Venus moves into Sagittarius at 12:01 AM PDT October 18. The first week of Venus in Sag may have you putting your party shoes on, but by the second week things will sober up a bit as Venus begins to cozy up to Saturn.

The Sun and Mercury are still opposing Uranus and Eris. Mars and Pluto are still conjunct. Jupiter is quincunx Neptune. Thoughts translate into desire, desire for action, desire for working with others, and desire for getting your own way. On October 19, Mars and Pluto bring their conjunction to exact. This pair can be powerful. Be careful that you don’t allow your desires to move you to manipulation or ruthlessness. Instead, use your passion and warrior energy to benefit others, to heal what’s wounded in the world.

The Sun moves into Scorpio at 4:46 PM PDT on October 22, shifting the strong Libran dynamic from cardinal air to fixed water. Within two days, the mood grows even more serious when Mercury moves into Scorpio at 1:47 PM PDT on October 24. I do not use the word serious to mean sad or depressing. Rather, it is indicative of us taking events and actions more earnestly, recognizing that our thoughts and behaviors have profound effects on others. Who we are and what we do does matter.

By October 22, Venus begins forming a strong square to Neptune, and by October 25, they are exactly square, while Venus is also forming a conjunction with Saturn. During that day, the Moon in Virgo forms a T-square with these planets. This is a moment of strong mutable energy once again, yet also somewhat serious due to the diligence of the Virgo Moon, the Neptunian compassion, and the Venus/Saturn combo in Sagittarius. Can we look beyond our own needs, and look at the needs of our whole planet? With the Mars/Pluto conjunction square Uranus/Eris, plus Jupiter quincunx Neptune, we are being asked to “get real” about the suffering on our planet. We need to respond to our inner voices encouraging us to allow innovative ideas and action to flow outward in creative yet practical ways. We need not be stifled by the “noise” of the outer world that can be discouraging and have us want to bury our heads in the sand.

By October 27, the Sun/Mercury conjunction in Scorpio also begins to aspect Neptune, by trine, while Mars is in strong sextile to Chiron and square to Uranus/Eris. It’s important to pay attention to what motivates your action. If it feels like revenge, or simply needing to “best” a rival due to feelings of abandonment or betrayal, stop and re-think your plan. When one’s motivation comes from that wounded place, the odds of the outcome ultimately making you feel better are very low. Bringing true compassion to oneself means staying in your truth, but does not mean hurting or manipulating another. The Moon in Libra will square the Mars/Pluto conjunction and opposed the Uranus/Eris conjunction on October 28. This Moon, in its waning crescent phase (final phase before the New Moon), can help facilitate our letting go of old ideas, systems, and ways of being that no longer serve us, in preparation for a new cycle. It comes just three days before Samhain, or what more modern cultures call Halloween, a time our ancestors prepared for the end of harvest and the beginning of the “darker half” of the year. It comes halfway between the autumn equinox and the winter solstice, believed to be a time when the spirits of the dead can more easily come into our world. Thus, many cultures honor their dead at this time, with Day of the Dead in Mexico, and All Soul’s Day/All Saints Day in North America, Europe, etc.

The Scorpio New Moon arrives on October 30 at 10:38 AM PDT, at 7 degrees 44 minutes Scorpio. Mercury is conjunct the New Moon duo at 9 Scorpio, which is exactly trine Neptune in Pisces. Saturn and Venus are conjunct in Sagittarius. Give yourself a break from negative news and feelings. This New Moon can enhance positive thoughts and ideas, so it is the perfect time to visualize what you’d like to bring into manifestation in the world. Your emotional sensitivity is strengthened while desire for peace becomes a practical reality when you promote it in your interactions with others. Take a few moments on this Sunday for quiet time, to meditate or pray, alone or with others, allowing a positive vision of our world to flow from and within you.

Blessed Samhain! See you next month!