October 2015 Astrocycles

by Joan Kiley

Joan Kiley AstrologerWe welcomed October’s entrance with an emphasis on Neptune in Pisces. Both Mars and Jupiter in Virgo opposed Neptune, while the Sun and retrograde Mercury, conjunct in Libra, were in quincunx aspect with Neptune. Those aspects remained relatively strong until the New Moon on October 12. And by then, Saturn began building to a square with Neptune, and Venus began building to an opposition with Neptune. Looking at the sum of these aspects tells me that we must all live intimately with Neptune energy the entire month. No surprises if we see actual floods, or tsunamis of the emotional or dream-like variety, during October.

Neptune can also bring indecision if we remain in our heads. Paired with Mars by aspect, it can bring action based on illusion or fantasy. The challenge for many people, especially those in the corporate world, or operating primarily out of the dominant cultural paradigm, is to allow time each day for an infusion of a more heart-felt consciousness. This can be done via meditation, yoga, spending time in nature, prayer, or any spiritual practice that brings one out of the mental loops of head-thinking, competition, comparing ourselves with others, goal-directed action (without due consideration of consequences), resentment, etc.

The beginning of the month also had the Moon in Taurus square Venus in Leo. Venus was no longer retrograde, but remained in the shadow of her retrograde period. By October 8 the two were conjunct in Leo. And at 8:32 AM PDT on October 9, Venus moved out of the shadow of her retrograde period, at 0 degrees 46 minutes Virgo, the degree at which she stationed retrograde. During these few days, there may have been an inclination to take some action on reflections you made during the Venus retrograde period, particularly areas or relationships where you felt undervalued or not seen for who you really are.

Also on October 9, Mercury stationed direct at 7:58 AM PDT at 0 degrees 54 minutes Libra, and a lot of folks breathed a sigh of relief. But would miscommunications really be at an end? At that moment, we had the Moon, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter all in Virgo. The Moon, Mars and Jupiter were conjunct and all were opposed Neptune in Pisces. Not an aspect that necessarily bodes for clarity—a search for clarity for sure, but with Neptune, perhaps more miscues. We may not have been seeing what we thought we were seeing. Mercury remains in its retrograde shadow until October 24, when it reaches 15 degrees 55 minutes Libra, the degree at which it stationed retrograde.

On October 12, there was a New Moon at 19 degrees Libra at 5:04 PM PDT opposed Uranus in Aries. Venus, Mars and Jupiter were opposed Neptune and trine Pluto. Mercury was conjunct the North Node and sextile Saturn. Venus was square Saturn, and that combined with the opposition with Neptune, formed a T-square between the three. A second T-square was formed between Uranus, Pluto, and the New Moon combo. That, my friends, was a potent New Moon!

The New Moon aspects provided lots of potential for shadowy communications. Yes, it would have been lovely if, with all of the Libra, New Moon plus Mercury on the North Node, ould have seen lots of sincere negotiations between conflicting parties. And of course, hopefully that did happen. However, we didn’t just have Libra seeking harmony, we also had Uranus (and Eris) and the South Node in Aries, and quite possibly a pack load of seething resentment as well. I quote astrologer Michael Lutin here: “Libra is not only about peace. It's also about containing rage and developing true communication.”

We also had three planets in Virgo opposing Neptune! Could we have been dreamy, thoughtful and compassionate, wanting the very best for ourselves and the world? Oh yes, but we could also have been overly judgmental, nitpicking details, and refusing to compromise if a proposal wasn’t meeting our expectations. Reminder: this is a month to play as a team, even if you think you are the only player. Find your best qualities, pull them together, and give them a pep talk! Don’t just follow your mental spin, or old stories about who you are or are not. Drop into your body, your heart space and feel what is really there. Listen to your intuition, and if necessary, talk with someone you trust. You are more than your past; you are more than your conditioning and old belief systems.

The tight trine between Jupiter and Pluto in earth signs will assist you in digging deep and finding the practical self-knowledge that supports your evolution. If your challenge this month is negotiating a relationship or a contract, pulling a project together or writing a proposal, know that it is possible to bring your A team to the effort.

Yes, October’s New Moon was a teacher, a teacher about relationships, about trying to see things from another’s point of view, but also about not underestimating our own worth, and our own power. A New Moon works itself out over an entire Moon cycle of about 28 days. The aspects from the exact Sun/Moon conjunction gradually move apart, but positive affirmations that we envision on the dark of the Moon can help guide us through to the Full Moon and round again, if we bring them to consciousness on a regular basis.

Four days after the New Moon, on October 16, Mars and Jupiter reach exact conjunction in Virgo, while still squaring Pluto. The same day, the Moon conjuncts Saturn in Sagittarius, while the Venus square with Saturn is waning. The Mars/Jupiter conjunction starts to separate on October 19 with Mars moving ahead, while the Moon conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn. This third week of the month provides real energy for taking action. One might even say it provides enthusiasm, a shift from a “do I have to?” to a “yes I can, and it feels good” attitude.

At 10:47 AM PDT on October 23, the Sun moves into Scorpio. At that moment the Moon is exactly conjunct Neptune. The three planets in Virgo are, by then, making very wide oppositions to Neptune, and thus not as strong as earlier in the month. Nevertheless, the Moon’s conjunction, at the moment of the Sun’s shift, is yet another reminder that Neptune has a hand in nearly every moment of import during October. And Neptune is mysterious. There is a need to accept that there is always the unknown in daily life, no matter how much we feel an earthy need to be certain.

As the Neptune oppositions fade in strength, those same planets, Mars and Jupiter and Venus, are in strong oppositions with Chiron. The actions we take, the problems we struggle with, the relationships we are in or fussing over, may reveal issues that were previously hidden in our unconscious or issues we thought we’d put to rest. As they emerge, we may feel like a wounded child, misunderstood, with nowhere to turn. The fact is, however, we are adults, capable of facing these issues head on, and processing or re-processing them. We are capable of recognizing that an old wound from childhood may have hurt us then, but may also be irrelevant to who we’ve grown to be, or know we can be. It’s time for a friend. Do some journaling with your spiritual guides, or speak to someone who knows you, and that you trust. This is a time to step up, not be brought down.

As the Sun moves forward in Scorpio, it builds to a trine with Neptune, through the end of the month. Mercury opposes Uranus, urging our mind to allow new ideas, new visions to be experienced. Saturn builds to its square with Neptune. These aspects allow us to gently, but firmly, go deeper into our own psyche, be willing to do the Chironic work we need to do, as the days get shorter, and the darkness grows.

The Full Moon in Taurus arrives on October 27, at 5:05 AM PDT. The primary aspects of the prior week are active. A Full Moon in fixed signs can be tense as well as emotional, and bring out the stubborn in us all. But Taurus the Bull does love nature, so if there’s a chance you might act like a “bull in a china shop” then remember that there have been a number of scientific studies to provide convincing proof that tree hugging has incredible mental health benefits! A meal of your favorite foods could work wonders as well.

As we move into the final days of October, and All Hallow’s Eve on Saturday, the 31st, we could feel a lightening up of the energy. There is a Gemini Moon on the 29th and 30th and then a Cancer Moon on the 31st creating a Grand Trine with the other planets in water signs (Sun in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces) as well as a kite formation, when we include Pluto in Capricorn. Trick or Treat!

 See you next month!


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