October 2014 Astrocycles

by Joan Kiley

Joan Kiley AstrologerAs October arrived, we were definitely into the season of Autumn, changing weather, changing light. Cardinal energy was predominant, and in a T-square (Pluto and Moon in Capricorn, Uranus in Aries, and the Sun and Venus in Libra). There was also a Grand Trine in fire (Uranus in Aries, Jupiter in Leo, and Mars in Sagittarius). These aspects gave us impetus, energy, enthusiasm, and excitement to begin the month. For the entirety of the month, the Sun and Venus are conjunct, and for more than three weeks they are in Venus’ sign of Libra. This tells me that the issues of Venus are extremely important in October, particularly those along relationship lines.

The only planet slowing at the start of the month was Mercury. Mercury stationed retrograde at 10:03 AM PDT on October 4 at 2 degrees 19 minutes Scorpio. It will station direct again at 12:17 PM PDT on October 25 at 16 degrees 46 minutes Libra, but remain in its shadow period until November 10, when it once again reaches the 2 degree 19 minute Scorpio degree.

The exact degrees have been added because if Mercury is directly/strongly aspecting your own planets, you can expect far more “retrograde” types of experiences, i.e., miscommunications, misunderstandings, miscues, also delays around transportation or vehicles of communication. However, as we all know, those types of experiences can occur with Mercury direct as well, but I believe it is the slowed-down motion of Mercury that sets us on edge during retrograde periods, and the awareness of needing to be more focused on our communication, and not taking things for granted. Perhaps this is the lesson of Mercury retrograde: slow down enough to make fewer impulsive communication errors!

The earth cast its shadow on the Aries Full Moon on October 8, 3:50 AM PDT. This lunar eclipse felt particularly powerful as the Moon was conjunct Uranus, and square Pluto, and also conjunct the lunar nodes. The Sun was conjunct Venus, giving us very potent Aries/Libra energy. Having Venus, Libra’s ruler, intimately involved in the Full Moon configuration and Mars, Aries ruler, at 16 Sag, trine the Moon and sextile the Sun, put the exclamation point on the cardinal energy.

Consider the polarity here, of the strong individuality of Aries energy, and the push for balance, partnering, and caring for others of the Libra energy, which was also the energy of the New Moon in Libra on September 23/24. Something in each of us, something in the collective, aligned with that polarity, has been transforming. The eclipse emphasizes the change. Also, the fire grand trine, which was developing at the New Moon, was working strongly at the Full Moon. Jupiter at 17 Leo, Mars just shy of 17 degrees Sagittarius, and Uranus at 14 Aries formed the trio. Exuberance, enthusiasm, and possible impulsiveness were driving the need to express our own uniqueness. At the same time, the need to find balance and equilibrium could have brought about stressful situations in which we found ourselves exhausted yet exhilarated! With the North Node in Libra, the need to hold onto our own individual truth while experiencing self and other as equals held the evolutionary moment.

October 9 found the Moon in early Taurus opposing the retrograde Mercury, which could have triggered some retrograde-type of events (see above). If any did occur, you no doubt found that by keeping focused and using the patience of Taurus, all could be resolved. By October 10, the Taurus Moon opposed Saturn, and both squared Jupiter. This fixed energy T-square slowed the energy enough to allow the lessons of recent events to start seeping into our conscious awareness.

From October 10 through the 13th, Mars and Jupiter are both strongly trine the South Node and sextile the North Node, while retrograde Mercury is back in Libra. Key events could occur to remind us that we are evolving to a new sense of relationship to the world, broadening the prevailing paradigm, giving us faith that we need not give up on a kinder, more gentle world, one that provides respect for all beings. We might also observe the shadow of the Mars/Jupiter influence, and observe events emphasizing grandiosity, ignorance, and past-century values. Take time to act with intention on your own values and vision—with faith that you are moving the whole world forward, despite what may appear to be prevailing “winds.”

On October 14 and 15, the Moon and Pluto oppose one another, and the Moon first trines Neptune, later Saturn, forewarning us of the deepening emotional content we will be living with later this month. October 15-20, retrograde Mercury will be conjunct the Sun and Venus in Libra, and also the North Node, again emphasizing relationship, but this time, the importance of communications to create, maintain, and negotiate relationships appropriately.

The Sun shifts into Scorpio at 4:58 AM PDT on October 23, and later in the same day, the Moon conjuncts the Sun for their monthly “tete-a-tete.” This New Moon in Scorpio, at 0 degrees, comes at 2:56 PM PDT exactly conjunct Venus, who also just moved over the Scorpio border. It’s like somebody suddenly put the brakes on! One moment we’re moving/chatting along quite nicely with the Sun and two personal planets in Libra, a cardinal air sign, and then WHAP, we’ve got four planets in ponderous fixed water (Saturn, of course, was already there). Our brains (retrograde Mercury) are still in Libra, but nothing else is! Where am I?

To further complicate matters, the Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth, directly blocking the light of the Sun in a Solar Eclipse. Plus, the trio is trine Neptune in Pisces. Confusion/disorientation anyone? The need for discernment big time?

I’d like to quote from Marina Macario of Darkstar Astrology here. She pointed out in her post “Solar Eclipse October 2014” that the asteroids Scylla and Charybdis fall either side of the Sun, Moon, and Venus which are conjunct at 0 degrees Scorpio. “The idiom “Being between Scylla and Charybdis” is derived from Greek mythology and means to have to choose between two evils. The Solar eclipse literally is caught between a rock and a hard place! Scylla and Charybdis were sea monsters who resided on opposite sides of the notorious strait of Messina found between Sicily and Italy.” Given that Venus, part of the trio, is not particularly comfortable or happy in Scorpio, she could represent that part of ourselves that is struggling to make peace with an alien relationship environment. The Sabian Symbol for 1 degree Scorpio is “A Sight-Seeing Bus Filled With Tourists,” once again, people being in a new/unfamiliar environment and feeling the need to hire a guide in order to feel connected, “in the know,” and comfortable.  Let your tour guide be your inner guide, and you’ll brave the journey between “the rock and the hard place.”

Meanwhile, Mercury is slowing once again, to station direct on October 25Mars moves out of Sagittarius and into Capricorn at 3:43 AM PDT on October 26, further dousing the fiery/airy energy we experienced earlier in the month. This is accented by Mars’ move to sextile Neptune, making acts of connecting to our inner world more likely and more comfortable through the end of the month. Small changes in planetary signs and elements rarely feel terribly significant. However, the drastic shift in late October from the dynamic air and fire elements to the water and earth ones will be sensed by all. Most people will name it as the seasonal change, but feel into it and you will notice a deepening, a call to less outer world involvement, and more inner world engagement. The Moon in Sagittarius will keep up our spirits until she, too, moves into Capricorn early on October 28, conjoining Mars, and then Pluto late in the day.

At the same time that we are moving more inward, the Uranus/Pluto square grows ever closer. Not only do we want to withdraw, we feel more tension. The time change from Daylight Savings to Standard will not happen in October this year, but November 2. Nevertheless, as the month closes, we feel the increase in hours of darkness, so we won’t be too shocked by the “Fall back” hour come November.

I’ll be back next month! See you then!


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