November Cycles and the New Moon in Sag

by Joan Kiley

Joan Kiley AstrologerWelcome to November! We’re deep into the season of Autumn now, making our personal adjustments to the shrinking daylight and naturally finding ourselves with the urge to probe deeper into the motives behind our actions and moods.

We slipped quietly into the month with a Capricorn Moon forming a waxing square to Saturn, increasing our sensitivity but making us less likely to reach out for nurturing. Mercury and Venus, arm in arm, were conjunct in Scorpio forming a still tight but waning square to Neptune in late Aquarius. Two days later Mars in Leo began an opposition to Neptune, thus creating a T-square between the four. This dynamic has brought a psychic sensitivity to the fore, encouraging visionary dreams and “hunches” that may turn out to be eerily accurate.

It’s important to honor this capacity to ground our spiritual connection with action. It’s equally important to be realistic. It reminds me of an old Arabian proverb: Trust in Allah, but tie your camel. In other words, don’t let the intensity of your emotions lead you to forsake all evidence or common sense, or you may find yourself jousting at windmills. Neptune carries the energy of dreaminess into our communications, our relationships, our decisionmaking. This quality of Neptune tied to the personal planets, which characterized the beginning of the month, will color our mood through to the end.

By November 3, both Venus and Mercury, still in tandem, moved into Sagittarius. The energy of the T-square with Neptune is still in play, but may have a somewhat more upbeat quality. Plus, Venus and Mercury are then exactly trine Uranus, adding a sense of urgency and a need for change.

Mars in Leo, in opposition to Neptune until after the Full Moon on the 10th, is looking for a stage upon which to play a heart-felt heroic role. Neptune may provide the imagination and inspiration, but is it really love or illusion that stirs the passionate warrior? As long as one is aware of playing a role, and enjoying the accolades, it may not matter. Look closely, with patience, if you’re not inclined to play the Knight of La Mancha.

The Full Moon in Taurus comes midday on November 10, 12:16 PM PST. The Sun and Moon each form only one primary aspect, and that is the opposition to each other. There is an interesting aspect, however, to the asteroid Ceres, which has to do with food and the harvest. Considering how much Taurus loves good food, a fine dinner with fruits of the harvest may be in order to bring out feelings of safety and security needed now. On the other hand, Scorpio wants depth, honesty and mystery all at the same time. So light the candles, bring out the ritual, and prepare to lay it all on the table.

Because? November 10th, my friends, is the eve of 11-11-11. This is the date being heralded by several traditions as the onset of our spiritual revolution, our process of transformation from third density to a higher consciousness. The 11-11-11 sacred date is a portal or gateway to higher dimensions, an opening to vast supportive energies coming to earth to support our co-creation of a more loving, sustainable world. Participation in a meditation on what we desire to create is encouraged on 11-11-11 at 11:11 AM and PM in whatever time zone you reside. Utilize the Neptunian dreaminess in its most positive manifestation to imagine the change we want to live. Listen to John Lennon’s Imagine: to give you a little boost into that frame of mind.

The entire period that the Sun is in Scorpio is a good time to open to experiencing the depth of your own consciousness. It is no accident that globally cultures have traditions of tapping into the energies of those who have passed, ancesters, and other loved ones. Famous events are Dia de los Muertos in Mexico, Touissaint in New Orleans, and Festival of the Dead in Salem, MA. However, there are also festivals during the same period in Peru, the Tonga Islands, Japan, and Egypt. All Hallow’s Eve, Samhain, All Saints Day, All Souls Day are other versions on the same theme.

It is believed that in the time of Scorpio the veils between the worlds are at their thinnest. This is not only a good time to honor the dead, and death itself, but what the whole idea of death can mean for us the living, and what our past lives have contributed to the life we are currently living.

Mars enters Virgo on November 11, forming an earthy Grand Trine with Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter in Taurus. This trine carries us through the end of the month, including the last four days when Venus joins Pluto in Capricorn and exactly squares Uranus in Aries.

Expect more rocky tumult regarding the European money crisis, but given the trines, perhaps more willingness to come to some agreements. The earth Grand Trine is also supportive for more grounded action with the Occupy Movement, such as more people moving their money away from the big banks and more practical ideas for reforming the financial system.

Venus and Mercury have split up now, Mercury slowing in Sagittarius for its station to retrograde, and Venus speeding ahead into Capricorn.

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury goes retrograde at 11:20 PM PST on November 23, so back up your computer well ahead of the station. It will remain retrograde through the end of the year. Though it has weak aspects to Venus, the Moon and Saturn, it’s not strongly aspected to any other planets at the time of station, giving it some clarity and freedom of its own. This indicates the work we all need to do of reviewing and evaluating our own thought and communication patterns. What is serving us well? What needs an upgrade?

Sagittarius New Moon

Less than 24 hours later, the Sagittarius New Moon arrives November 24, 10:10 PM PST, with both Sun and Moon trine to Uranus, Venus in sextile to Neptune, and Mars trine Pluto. This is the final solar eclipse of the year.

With all three outer planets in supportive relationship to personal planets, this is the perfect time to do our New Moon visioning, similar to what you did on 11-11-11. This time you might consider doing this on your own, for communications with others could be tricky. This may be your own need to go within and stay there for a time, the difficulty of listening to others, or because of actual mechanical problems. Most people will be in some state of inner process, and with Mercury retrograde in a sign of its detriment, trying to articulate what you feel and where you are may be premature.

We are all in a state of intense evolution, and each of us has an important role to play in creating improvements in our world. So, don’t be afraid to imagine exactly what you want for yourself, for your intuition will be strong. And as a second step, go deep and ask what might be blocking you from the change you seek.

With Venus in Capricorn for the last few days of the month, be careful you don’t take on responsibilities that are unnecessary or that rightly belong to others. Despite the need to take action now to change your life, you need all your energy focused on making your own best decisions for right action.

Stay well. See you in December! 


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