November 2014 Astrocycles

by Joan Kiley

Joan Kiley AstrologerWe felt and sensed November even before it arrived. The Sun and Venus were paired in Scorpio, and trine to Neptune in Pisces. That water emphasis when November began, and then the Moon’s entering Pisces by noon on the first day, sealed the deal. We must feel our way into the growing dark this month, here in the Northern Hemisphere. As the veils give way, it is the perfect month to put our focus on the inner life, what is dying and ready to be released from our emotional body. Just as the leaves drop in bright, crunchy piles at our feet, we can release that which has had its season within us, and is no longer needed.

Autumn can be bittersweet. It is a time of harvest, reaping what we’ve sown, and there is such great beauty in the fall color. Venus paired with the Sun in the early part of the month allows us to really appreciate that richness. However, because it is also a time of increasing hours of darkness each day, and we know the year is coming to a close, it is a season of endings—a time when death seems more numinous, more real. Some cultures start the month (or end the previous month) with a celebration of the dead, some of the most popular being Halloween, Samhain, Dia de Los Muertos, and All Souls Day.

Given that Mars was building to a conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn in the first week of the month, we were also experiencing intensity in the physical body. Mars and Pluto are a potent combination. Together they also rule the sign of Scorpio, where we have the Sun, Venus, and Saturn. There was an urge to action, along with frustration and confusion as to what action to take, which could have led to anger or resentment. The feelings on the inside were not necessarily communicating clearly with the body on the outside. Thus, it was a good time to do some yoga, go for a run, or do some brisk walking. Exercising the body, shaking it up a bit, letting things move through the system, and just RELEASING energy.

One of the reasons for confusion this month is that the planet Neptune is slowing to station. It will stop still mid-month, before ever-so-slowly moving direct. Slowing planets can have a great deal of power. However, with Neptune, it often feels like something in the background, some spiritualizing effect that takes us out of “normal” reality and subtly deepens our focus. For some, this brings about confusion and delusion. Its entire movement during the month will be a total of 4 minutes, not 4 degrees, mind you, but 4 minutes. That is minimal movement.

November 4, in the U.S., was also a day to vote, to take action, make choices. Obviously, the choice most people made was simply not to vote, with a 38% turnout. This choice, made by so many, allowed the party that includes a rather large group of extremists to take over the Congress, and likely make a number of decisions in the next two years that could lead to even greater suffering on the part of the majority of the population. These decisions, related to the economy, the environment, the military, education, health care, and Social Security, could be simply devastating, perhaps for the entire species.

We shall see, whether Neptune and Chiron, as they move forward in Pisces, will reflect a growing spiritual voice in the collective, and a move toward healing the planet, or a growing disillusionment and apathy in the public.

The intensity of the first week came to a head with the Full Moon in Taurus, at 14 degrees 25 minutes, on November 6 at 2:21 PM PST. Venus was still conjunct the Sun in Scorpio, while Mars was conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. A Full Moon in Taurus wants peace, wants us to reflect our deepest values, wants us to experience and BE our true nature. Taurus also has a tendency to hang on, and because this is a time of letting go, finding the balance between what we want and what we need, can be difficult to reach. Meanwhile the Mars/Pluto combo in a Cardinal sign, may have had us itching to fight about it. Hopefully you took the opportunity to moon gaze, and allow the beauty of the Full Moon to seep into your heart, calm your body, and ease any discomfort.

Despite the agitation that could have been present for you during the Full Moon, there was also something very sublime about the depth of our feelings, an opportunity for reaching an inner calm when we turned the focus inward. And that calm is what we needed to carry forward.

During the second week of the month, Mercury entered Scorpio on November 8. Mars and Pluto moved to exact conjunction on November 10 in Saturn’s sign of Capricorn, and Venus reached an exact conjunction with Saturn on the 12th. With the Sun also moving close to Saturn we bow to the strong Saturn influence, grow much more serious about our relationships, about our finances, and our behavior in general. We may be reminded of our insecurities and limitations, and the need to take responsibility for issues we have been neglecting.

There is a strong chance that the combination of potent Scorpio energy, plus the Mars/Pluto conjunction, will unveil secrets, unleash negative, perhaps even violent energies. We cannot forget that the Mars/Pluto combo will be closely squaring Uranus in Aries, as Pluto and Uranus move ever closer to their sixth (and second to last) exact square of these turbulent times. It is the square that is prompting the human species to let go of old ego-centered ways and evolve to a higher level of being, aware of its total connectedness to all of life—or else. The “or else” sounds quite threatening, and it is meant to.

When a species outgrows unsustainable ways of being, it changes, mutates, or dies. Considering the brink of destruction to which we have brought the earth and our own species; considering how many thousands of plant and animal species we have already destroyed in just a few decades, the “or else” seems quite an appropriate consequence to the refusal to make changes and live with other beings rather than destroy them. Consider also the prevalence of war as a means of solving problems. This is a tremendously antiquated method of dealing with disagreements, or attempting to assert an individual’s or a nation’s power. And when we look at the technological advances in weaponry, without some level headed and far-sighted leadership, humans could easily bring on the “or else” scenario.

There is a role for every person in preventing worst-case consequences for the collective as we move forward into the future. Every person has options for healing old wounds or living in them; for working toward forgiveness or hanging on to old resentments; for listening to one’s own heart and following one’s own bliss or listening to someone else’s version of who you should be. Mistakes will be made. Count on it, but don’t torture yourself over making them. Take responsibility for your role, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and take another step forward. Do your best. It’s impossible to do more.

November is a month when we are strong enough to face difficult issues. It helps to have a friend or friends to talk to about them. It also helps to know you aren’t alone. Each of us has at least one difficult truth to face. November 8-14 are particularly good dates to speak with yourself and/or to a friend about your own feelings of insecurity or a difficult issue. Mercury will be trine Neptune at that time, and you may receive particularly helpful insights. On the 14th, the Moon will also be conjunct Jupiter in big-hearted Leo, and a generous open heart can be a particularly good friend.

On November 16, Venus is the first of the planets in Scorpio to move into Sagittarius. The next day, November 17, the Sun and Saturn conjunct, keeping things serious despite Venus’s moving ahead to a bit more cheerful location. Venus will square Neptune from November 16-23, and because of the elusive, delusional, disillusional nature of this aspect, it is best “neither a borrower nor a lender be” during that period. It is also best to be overly skeptical of any proposal that seems to good to be true. It probably is.

The Sun shifts to Sagittarius at 1:39 AM PST on November 22. The Moon is not far behind. It joins the Sun for the New Moon in Sagittarius at 4:31 AM PST November 22 at 0 degrees 7 minutes. At the time of the New Moon, Venus is nearby at 7 degrees Sagittarius, and Saturn is conjunct them at 26 degrees Scorpio. Mercury is at 21 Scorpio. Jupiter, at 22 Leo, is square both Saturn and Mercury, and not to be underestimated. The ruler of Sagittarius, carries a special power at the New Moon in Sagittarius, and this aspect dares us to look deeply inward, and to be honest with ourselves and with others. Pluto and Uranus are one degree away from exact square.

This is a potent New Moon. The Sun, Moon and Venus, in Sagittarius, are square with newly direct Neptune. Neptune and Jupiter, both working their strengths to spiritualize this final lunar cycle of the year, are in aspect to most planets in the chart. Utilize creativity, spiritual insight and faith to benefit the greater good.  This begins the moon cycle during which we will experience the exact square of Pluto and Uranus, as well as the Winter Solstice.

On November 23, Chiron in Pisces will also station direct. This is an added bonus to our ability to transform old hurts and wounds into actions, which can best serve our own soul purpose as well as that of the world.

Other happenings the last week of the month: Mars in Capricorn will be quincunx Jupiter in Leo from November 21-26. This is a 150 degree aspect between signs that have little in common. Thus, we have generally ignored quincunxes. However, I have an affinity for them because I believe that as we grow in consciousness we have the capacity to utilize these aspects for positive results. Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign, initiating practical and grounded activities, and carrying them out in a methodical manner. Leo is a fire sign, associated with creativity, generosity, and passion. What these signs share is an authoritative manner, a desire for power, and a willingness to take responsibility. Working together, being willing to negotiate, and make adjustments, Jupiter in Leo can inspire creative ideas that Mars in Capricorn can bring to earth and implement. I hope you will be able to utilize these energies in your own life! And that we will see some manifestation of these two planets working together in world news later this month!

From November 23-28, Venus in Sagittarius will be trine Uranus in Aries and square Chiron in Pisces. The enthusiasm of Venus in Sagittarius may encourage even the most introverted among us to enjoy interacting with new and interesting people at Thanksgiving parties! You may also feel like you need movement in your life, so dance, take a hike, walk the beach while watching winter storms! Just don’t take dangerous risks on impulse! Let Mars in Capricorn keep you grounded!

Mercury slips into Sagittarius on November 27, at about 6:30 PM PST, joining the Sun and Venus, which could lighten up what has been a rather somber month! Mercury will immediately begin building to a square with Neptune. The Sun, from its ingress into Sagittarius, remains square to Neptune in Pisces through the end of the month. Experience creative visualizations, and look for vivid dreams, particularly the last two and a half days of the month, when the Moon will also be in Pisces.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! See you next month!


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