New Moon July 26th: Doing Too Much!

by Madeline Gerwick

Madeline Gerwick AstrologerWhat’s getting started at the July 26th New Moon is that finally Mars has moved into the sign of Scorpio. This is great news for anyone who’s tired of the volatile, explosive energies we’ve had on and off since December 2013.

However, as we finally embark on a new stretch of this year, we find ourselves attempting to do too much with too little time, money and energy. By now you should know this drill. Stay focused on one project at a time. Move to the next one when the first one is complete. If you try to multi-task with multiple projects, you’ll scatter your energies and likely fail to finish.

The good news is that you’re likely to have multiple fortunate tasks that you can start now. Mars has changed from being an incompetent warrior to a very competent and highly effective warrior. He knows how to get things done and stay the course until it’s finished. This Mars is determined and focused. If he has to pull all nighters to get the job done, he will. This cycle peaks on August 1st and stays in range through August 20th.

This New Moon (Sun and Moon in Leo) is square Mars, suggesting that there’s a lot of physical and emotional energy to get things done. This can also be due to the possibility that something or someone triggered you into anger.

At the time of the New Moon, unexpected financial challenges, including major issues related to debt, are highlighted (Venus opposite Pluto and square Uranus). This could relate to the US debt, or to the debt of US citizens, or both. If it’s the US debt that’s being challenged, then perhaps Russia or China are selling our Treasury bonds?

The good news is that we’re just entering into a cycle that’s one of the top three financial cycles (Venus trine Chiron). This cycle will peak on August 1st. and it can also be associated with healing financial issues.

At the same time that good financial cycle is occurring, we have another cycle that’s related to steady income or stable finances (Venus trine Saturn). For this reason, we may not get as much of an income high from the other cycle (Venus trine Chiron) as we would without this cycle. This cycle peaks August 1st and stays in range through August 6th.

Also beginning at this New Moon is a cycle that encourages us to take inspired or spiritually motivated actions. If we take actions based on fear instead, then loss of energy or illness can result. In business, this cycle can be used to take inspired actions that assist the company in competing more effectively.

If you decide not to take inspired actions, you may find yourself fatigued or low on energy. This cycle peaks August 7th and stays in range through August 18th.

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