Money or Relationship Issues?

by Madeline Gerwick

Madeline Gerwick AstrologerLately, we've been experiencing a cycle associated with confusion, uncertainty, or deceit related to money and/or relationships (Venus square Neptune). This cycle began on June 23rd and peaked on June 29th. It will continue to be in range through July 5th. So double-check your financial accounts now and ensure they're not getting charged for something you didn't order. This is not a good time to invest either, since you could easily choose the wrong investment while under this confusion. If everything looks great, then you or the prospectus is suffering from illusion or idealism.

With this cycle in range, relationships can also suffer confusion, illusion and uncertainty. Yes deceit is definitely possible, but so is just having an idealistic pair of rose-colored glasses on all the time when it comes to the relationship. Be careful to focus more of your attention on the person in front of you than on the checklist in the back of your mind.

Both of these situations (money and love) are likely to be challenged further with a second cycle that has just come in range (Venus square Chiron). This cycle is associated with losses and wounding for both money and love. So be careful how you play with others this week and next. Also keep a close watch on your money. This is not a time to loan someone money, especially if you expect to get it back. More likely you would lose it and feel wounded and betrayed. Be smart and avoid the issue completely. The second cycle peaks very late on July 7th or early on July 8th, depending on your time zone. It stays in range through July 13th.

The good news is that we have some unexpected money or love that shows up between July 4th through July 9th (Venus sextile Uranus). This should help a bit, but it's not likely to be enough to completely offset any financial losses. This can also suggest that we may spend money we weren't planning to spend. So be careful with your budget.

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