Money and Love Opportunities! Overspending?

by Madeline Gerwick

Madeline Gerwick Astrologer

Beginning late on January 10th, we get unexpected opportunities for money and/or love! (Venus and Mercury both sextile Uranus) So it can be a time when you attract higher sales than normal, particularly via the internet, social media or email blasts. Money can also come in via unusual paths.

If you attract a romantic relationship with these cycles, just have fun without putting any future expectations on it. These types of relationships are there to provide “comic relief” or a refreshing change of pace. They’re not meant to stabilize into a long-term relationship. However, late in January, there will be a cycle which could help stabilize it into a longer relationship.

These cycles peak on January 13th – 14th. They stay in range through January 15th – 16th. Just as those cycles are peaking on January 13th and 14th, two more are coming into range. One of these is associated with overspending, overeating, and drinking, (Venus opposite Jupiter). While this can be rather pleasurable, it’s good to know your spending and calorie limits, and manage to stay as close to them as possible.

The other cycle that comes into range at that time is associated with a lot of talk or hot air (Mercury opposite Jupiter). This talk may be exaggerated, or too vague to really tie down any details. This cycle could work well for promotions or parties, especially since overspending and overeating are also occurring. Designate a driver if you do party!

The overspending cycle (Venus opposite Jupiter) peaks on January 19th and stays in range through January 23rd. The too much talk cycle does not peak at this time, as Mercury turns around to move backwards on January 21st. This “hot air” cycle will peak on March 1st.

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