Mercury Retrograde October 4th-25th

by Madeline Gerwick

Madeline Gerwick AstrologerThe Red Communications period (Mercury retrograde) starts on October 4th, but it’s already very slow by September 29th. The very beginning and end of this period is always the slowest, in terms of progress. Mercury likes to move and doesn’t care for being stopped. We find it equally hard to deal with the delays this brings.

However, as Mercury retrograde periods go, this one has more potential good spots than normal. Mercury begins the retrograde in early Scorpio, probably reconsidering some political news. However, it soon moves back into Libra (more balanced reporting perhaps?), which might make the election more palatable.

Mercury in Libra wants to rethink relationships, what’s fair and balanced, and how to create harmony. Anything that doesn’t match that goal is likely to be ignored during this period. In addition, Mercury makes some very good aspects or cycles while it’s retrograde, suggesting it gets plenty of help.

The first of these is Mercury conjunct Venus and the Sun October 16th – 17th. This is a good set of cycles for renegotiating something, compromising on a deal, or making a presentation, particularly one you’ve made before. At the same time, Mercury is also sextile both Mars and Jupiter, making it an even stronger time for presentations and promotions.

When Mercury goes direct on October 25th, it stays sextile to Jupiter through November 3rd, so this is a good time for holiday promotions. Combined with a set of exciting eclipses and a few other positive cycles, this Mercury retrograde may be one of the better ones we’ve had in a long time.

However, Mercury does come within three degrees of an opposition to Uranus October 23 - 27, which could make for unexpected news, accidents, or computer shut downs. So be sure to prepare your car (fix those funny sounds and problems) and your computer (be sure to do a full system back-up) prior to the start of Mercury retrograde.

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