Mercury & Mars Go Direct in April

by Dena DeCastro

Dena DeCastro AstrologerAfter the overlapping retrogrades of Mars and Mercury over the past few weeks, we'll have a month-long period from mid-April through mid-May wherein all the inner planets will be moving forward for the first time since January. Mercury went retrograde on March 12th and turns direct on April 4th; Mars went retrograde in Virgo on January 23rd and makes its direct turn on April 13th. This upcoming "direct" period is a fertile time to move forward with the plans you've been itching to get going during the retrogrades. Don't worry, you're not behind schedule -- it hasn't been an ideal time to make bold new starts or major commitments during the past few weeks. However, the period between mid-April and mid-May (before the Venus retrograde begins on May 15th) marks a brief green-light period amidst the overriding retrograde energy which embodies the first half of 2012.

However, I want to be clear that I'm not demonizing retrogrades. As we discussed in my recent podcast, all cosmic movements have a season and a reason, so retrogrades too must serve a purpose. Mercury's retrograde period, which began March 12th, seemed to underscore the themes of the Mars retrograde -- or vice-verse -- in a potentially supportive way. This overlapping retrograde period has been a fertile time to discern what isn't working in our lives, to confront it, and to re-think, re-organize, and re-do accordingly. We've had the opportunity during this time to clear away the debris and blockages that could potentially prevent progress toward achieving our desires (Mars). If you've experienced significant frustrations and obstacles during these past few weeks, go easy on yourself: it doesn't necessarily mean that you're doing something wrong. Instead, look at the opportunities that were presented to you by the delay, or the unexpected advantage that came from the tangle in your plans. You may have to look carefully in order to see the positive aspects of the difficulty. But it's important to gain some perspective on these past few weeks before moving full-steam ahead.

During the period after Mars goes direct and before Venus' station retrograde in May, it's important to move forward with plans and projects in light of what you've learned during these past few weeks. The knowledge you've gleaned may not immediately pop to the surface. As Mercury made part of its retrograde trek through Pisces, some of the insights we've received may be a bit murky or half-formed yet. It may be important to turn to less linear ways of knowing -- dreams, omens, and synchronicities may have been offering you important signals. I've started to keep track of synchronicities in my journal, for example. Note the nature of the messages that are coming to you in ordinary and non-ordinary ways. Look for the patterns. These messages, along with the learning we received during the retrogrades of March, can offer guidance regarding what actions to take during the forward momentum of April and May.

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