May Astrocycles 2013

by Joan Kiley

Joan Kiley AstrologerThere’s no avoiding the Pluto/Uranus square during any part of the month of May! Even the Sun is trine Pluto at the start. We might want to live with a bit of denial and think oh yeah, Venusian earthy Taurus Sun conjunct Mars. We’ll feel good, enjoy ourselves, get a lot of work done. Step into the garden, plant some veggies.

Hah! OK, maybe that all happened at your place, but what about all those folks who had 75 degrees one day and snow the next? Yep, that happened. So even the weather is in crazy rumble! Let that be a metaphor for “accepting the things we cannot change.” Earth (Capricorn Pluto) is in challenging square with Uranus in Aries, people, and IT IS WILD! Uranus is inching closer and closer to that exact square for the third time. Many of us are walking around, wanting to believe our feet are on the ground, when all of a sudden an image from a dream we had last night pops into our head and we go whoa! What WAS that?

The first days of May we acted, but with great hesitancy, and sometimes with self-doubt. Saturn was opposing the Sun/Mars conjunction and Venus was conjunct the South Node. For part of May 2, the Moon formed a T-square with the opposition, suggesting even more confusion. Something new in you is emerging, but the old part of you is still what’s most familiar, and may cast doubt on the new. There is a lot of Taurus energy for the first few weeks of the month, fixed, slow to change. There is an emphasis on survival and having enough resources.

With the South Node also in Taurus, along with personal planets, there may be memories or dreams of experiences where survival was an issue. Can I survive this abandonment, or this loss, or this trauma? The fears that emerge with these memories can make us want to hang on to what we have, or the illusion of what we have. The reality is that Saturn is opposing these planets in Taurus, and conjunct the North Node in Scorpio. It is providing a lesson, teaching us that to share is to be more resourceful. To let go is to move ahead. To release the past is to be more emotionally secure and self-reliant.

Luckily Taurus is also patient, so utilize the patience available to you while there are planets in the sign, primarily in kindness to yourself.

Sunday, May 5, Cinco de Mayo, was a great day to take time to celebrate the holiday or enjoy time with family and friends. The Moon and Venus were sextile; Saturn and Neptune were trine.

On May 9, we have the New Moon in Taurus, plus a solar eclipse, at 5:30 PM PDT. The Sun/Moon conjunction will also be conjunct Mercury, Mars and the South Node. Venus will have just slipped into Gemini.

This potent New Moon time will, as usual, be a time of visioning new ideas, projects and goals. It will also require us to tie up some loose ends, come to understand that in order to move ahead we may need to “unstick” ourselves in some important ways. This may be difficult with so much fixed energy, but it is doable. Venus and Jupiter are in mutable Gemini and Uranus is prodding us in Aries. If it’s a mystery to you what the “stuckness” is, or how to loosen up and let go, try a little journaling, or think about the memories and dreams that may have emerged into consciousness in recent days.

On May 13, the Moon will be passing through its own sign of Cancer, and while it’s doing it, will set up a Grand Trine in water with Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces. We may be a bit more sensitive than usual that day, but just remember, others will be, too. So keep in mind the old adage, “you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.”

Mercury at this time is in the final degrees of Taurus, and moving fast. By 2 PM PDT on May 15 it moves into its own sign of Gemini for a short stay of 2 weeks, saying “Ah, home at last, where I can hold six things in my mind at once, no problem! Multi-tasking is my middle name!” The rapid movement of Mercury, however, has it immediately building a square with Neptune, which could find us having a bit of difficulty focusing, or wanting to communicate about our dreams and fantasies. The square won’t last long, from May 16-19, but could be interesting while it lasts. Then Mercury cozies up to Venus and soon Jupiter, also in Gemini. Communication is on the agenda, with new ideas, and perhaps some new perspective as well, on all that we have been trying to leave behind.

By 4PM PDT on May 20, the Sun moves into Gemini, just in time for the Uranus/Pluto exact square the same day. With the Moon also moving into an air sign, Libra, that day, will we have enough rational capacity to withstand the tension and unease in our world for a few hours? For a few hours is all we’ll have before the Moon forms a T-square with Uranus and Pluto on the following day, accelerating the feelings of upset and change that we will all be wired to experience.

In the world, we have systems and structures that have become too rigid and crystallized in the status quo (Pluto). These structures are actually disintegrating, because they are no longer able or willing to adapt to a changing world and its changing needs. Groups of people with new ideas and points of view are stepping up and speaking out, experimenting with new structures and capacities for achieving their goals (Uranus).

Sometimes the new and the old clash violently. But more often there are revolutionary changes happening without violence. People are getting together, finding agreement on ways to move forward, make change and evolve. That is not to say it is easy. It is often stressful, filled with tension, and difficult feelings. But that is the nature of transformation—death and rebirth, which are difficult rites of passage. The adage “No pain, no gain” takes on new meaning.

Look at where Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn are placed in your own chart by transit. What is wanting to break through and manifest (Uranus)? What is feeling like it is disintegrating, falling apart, losing its relevance (Pluto)? What’s my role in the world (Pluto) and how is it about to be made more relevant (Uranus) and therefore more useful for moving us forward into the future?

May 23-24, there will be a tight conjunction between Venus and Mercury, and both just a few degrees from Jupiter. Also on May 24 we have a Full Moon in Sagittarius, at 9:24 PM PDT. This Full Moon opposition forms a T-square with Neptune in Pisces. It also includes a lunar eclipse that echoes the message of the Pluto/Uranus square. Something in our (Sagittarius) world view or philosophical perspective needs to be released, re-conceptualized, and/or shifted, in order to become more relevant.

Having Neptune in this mix puts an emphasis on opening up the boundaries of spiritual vision. With the extra energy of Venus/Mercury/Jupiter in Gemini, our minds and hearts may be pushing the envelope of what we put our faith in. We are encouraged by this eclipse to explore this area of thought. At the same time, we must also take care not to indulge in fantasy, or to be mislead by illusion, both of which have a tendency to occur with Neptune.

The final week of the month puts a lot of emphasis on relationships, with Venus conjunct Mercury and Jupiter through the end of the month. The planets are in Gemini, which is about communication, being curious about new ideas, and gathering information. How can we improve our relationships through opening our minds to new ways of communicating? Can we open up to the idea of experimenting with new ways to relate to one another? Can we start with believing in the best outcome rather than having a negative attitude about what can be accomplished?

By May 31, Mercury moves into Cancer, the watery sensitive sign that adds emotionality to our thought processes. And despite Mercury’s rapid transit through Gemini, it will slow down in Cancer. It actually stays there until August, for late next month it will begin another of its retrograde periods, giving us all some time to look at back at how we have been treating ourselves and others from a supportive perspective.

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