Mars in Pisces: Finding Peace

Dena DeCastro Astrologer

Mars in Pisces: Finding Peace

Mars enters Pisces today, February 1st, at about 6 PM PT, and will reside there through March 11th. Wherever Mars is, we are invited to confront, move forward, and take action in the areas indicated by that sign. Pisces is a water sign, the last sign of the zodiac. Surrender and trust are required as we move into Pisces territory, as is the release of the ego's need for control and certainty. At first glance, the forward thrust of Mars seems at odds with the Piscean anthem, "go with the flow." Mars is the planet of war, action, assertion, and the "survival drive." But when Mars is in Pisces, we are invited to direct these energies in more selfless ways.

Pisces is often described as a "spiritual" sign, but I've increasingly found that word to be inadequate. Not only is it a very abstract word, but it also means very different things to different people. I recently heard a description of "spiritual" that I resonated with: To be 'spiritual' means to find structures of meaning beyond the concerns of your own immediate physical comfort.* I love this definition, because it does not require belief in a deity. We need not only to meditate or pray, although these activities help. But we must find that which gives our lives a sense of meaning, beyond just the acts necessary to get through the day and to survive physically. Mars in Pisces is very much about the opportunity to reflect on what provides meaning for us – and to take action toward it.

We must also investigate our existing "structures of meaning," and Mars in Pisces can allow us to actively explore our inner landscape. We can do this through quieting ourselves and doing "yin" activities such as journaling, working with our night time dreams, or sitting with a cup of tea and just reflecting. Spending time in and around water can also help us to connect more viscerally to "the flow" of things.

As we align our actions in the outer world with the wisdom we gain by investigating within, we are able to transform our relationships and our wider communities. For example, you might look at where you can take action regarding a cause or charity that is important to you. This is not just self-sacrifice or martyrdom I'm speaking of; this is about giving your time to that which we consider to be important, sacred, holy – meaningful to you. In doing so, you are not depleted, but are replenished in ways far beyond the physical.

*This quote comes from a talk I heard given by Jeremy Taylor in January 2013 on "Dreams and the Evolution of Consciousness." I think he was quoting someone else, but I don't have the direct source handy.

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