Mars Conjunct Uranus and Mercury Retrograde

by Madeline Gerwick

Madeline Gerwick Astrologer The Universe has quite a sense of humor! Today is April Fools Day and it’s an all day Time-Out with Mercury retrograde! Time-Out is the phrase I use in my Good Timing Guide to denote days in which it's better to not take certain types of actions. So today it's not only possible that little will come of whatever important tasks you’re trying to do today, but you’re also likely to experience a lot of delays while you’re madly working to accomplish nothing! So my advice is this: take a break and clean up your office or home. Get organized instead. 
Later today Mars enters the sign of Aries. Mars is in charge of this sign, so he’s right at home there. Mars represents warrior energy. He also represents our motivations and the physical actions we take to express them. In Aries, Mars is quick to take action, spontaneous and impulsive. But there's more. As soon as Mars arrives in Aries he’s quickly going to meet up with the planet Uranus, which is quite a disruptive change-maker. Together these energies are highly volatile and can be explosive. Tomorrow April 2, the Moon joins this gathering and lights a match. So be careful out there! Don’t drive if you’re angry and avoid the risk of causing an accident. We’re also at the start of the cycle of Mercury retrograde, and these two cycles combined are associated with road rage and accidents. So stay extra alert while you’re driving.

You may also have some pretty bad miscommunications. So be sure you double check what you thought you heard someone say before you fly off the handle. 

These volatile energies of Mars conjunct Uranus are most intense on April 1st – 3rd, and they stay in range through April 12th. In addition, both these planets are square Pluto, the planet that represents transformation, death and rebirth, as well as power, debt and even nuclear power plants. Uranus will remain square to Pluto for nearly 8 years. These are revolutionary energies which you can read more about here

Beginning April 2nd and peaking April 9 – 11 (and staying in range through April 20th) we also find ourselves experiencing the intense cycle of Mars square Pluto. This cycle also tends to precipitate anger and frustration and indicates a need to transform our motivations, especially as many changes are upon us. This energy or circumstance may not be something we want to deal with, but it is necessary.  We cannot continue to be motivated in the same ways we have been and also transition to a better world. These volatile energies suggest more unrest in the Middle East, more earthquakes, and more opportunities for your own anger to be triggered. These energies are great for being a warrior, but be careful which battles you choose! 

On a personal and business side, this set of cycles is great for having a major breakthrough. Have you been trying to change something for years? This is an excellent time to revisit an old issue and get a new resolution on it. It may not be a fun process, but it will be very energizing and liberating!  With Mercury retrograde at the same time, this is an excellent time to use all that energy to clean out old junk you don’t need. That alone will create an amazing breakthrough in your life. 

Mercury Retrograde
Now let’s talk more about Mercury retrograde! This retrograde period began on Wednesday, March 30th and we remain in this period through Saturday April 23rd. All the usual reminders apply: Anticipate delays, slow traffic, car problems, miscommunications, computer crashes or electronic equipment problems. Schedule only 50% of what you normally schedule, so you can catch-up and/or fix the issues that may pop up to be corrected. Remember that with volatile energies this month, driving could be hazardous. Stay alert when driving! 

This Mercury retrograde is also a particularly good time to go back to old issues that you didn’t feel were fully resolved and speak your truth about it. To do this effectively, get Marshall Rosenberg’s book, Non-Violent Communication and use the process he provides to speak your truth to others. In terms of business, this Mercury retrograde is better than some. It could be a good time to re-approach some previous prospects regarding products or services that were previously considered or need to be renewed. The timing is particularly good for this during the week of April 10th.

Mercury retrograde is also a great time to recycle stuff that you don’t need via garage sales, ebay, or donations. 

The New Moon
What’s getting started at the April 3rd New Moon includes more war-like energies and what could be more radiation issues from Japan. In addition there are new ideas, constitutions, or governments struggling to be born. New leaders may show up now who are very highly regarded, with expansive thinking and new ideas. However, they’re still working to overcome old ways of doing things and this includes dealing with plenty of power and control issues while working with limited resources. 

Then on April 4th, we get another major shift. Neptune moves into its own sign of Pisces. Neptune changes signs roughly once every 13- 14 years. The last time Neptune entered Pisces was in February 1848. Neptune represents spirituality, inspiration, visual and movement arts, the oceans, drugs, alcohol, escapist tendencies, oil, gas, transcendence, and deception. In business, this planet is associated with finances, the company’s image, and PR. In the economy it’s associated with interest rates and inflation. Neptune has a reputation similar to fog. It’s very hard to pin down. 

Neptune is very strong in the sign of Pisces. While this can be excellent for movie makers, visual artists, graphic designers, advertising campaigns, and even donations to worthy causes, it could also come with higher interest rates and inflation. With both Chiron and Neptune temporarily in Pisces together, we’re also likely to see more issues related to the health of the oceans. Of course this is particularly true at the moment in relation to the radiation from the Japan incident contaminating the oceans. 

Next the cycle of the Sun conjunct Jupiter in Aries will plant the seeds for new growth and new leadership. This cycle is in range now, peaks on April 6th, and stays in range through April 15th. The leaders who show up during this cycle are fearless. They’re ready to go in new directions that promise growth. These leaders are action oriented. They’re not interested in talking about the solution forever. They intend to make changes and they’ll do so by taking action. However, they may have plenty of struggles with those who like the status quo. A word to the wise though: these new leaders are stronger than those who are powerful. If you’re one of the new leaders, don’t be intimidated by anyone. 

And that's what's up in the heavens this week. I wish you all well.