March Astrocycles 2014

by Joan Kiley

Joan Kiley AstrologerThe month of March quite literally began with a New Moon! Yes, on March 1, at exactly 12:00 AM PST, we had a New Moon at 10 degrees 39 minutes Pisces. The New Moon duo formed a stellium in Pisces, with Neptune and Chiron. The entire stellium was trine to Jupiter in Cancer. That was a load of watery energy, a reminder that our complex and fast-paced lives fill us with a whole swirl of emotions, not just the few “default” settings we try to steadfastly remain in to get through the days. In addition to the visioning for the future that we all need to do on New Moons, I hope you took some time to be with your emotional self. The entire month the Sun is in Pisces, particularly with Neptune and Chiron there as well, is a great time to soften, touch in to our vulnerability, take the time to weep, gasp at the awe and wonder of life itself!

Just hours before the start of March, at 6:01 AM PST on February 28, Mercury stationed direct at 18 degrees of Aquarius. At 8:24 AM March 1, Mars stationed retrograde at 27 degrees Libra, square Venus in Capricorn. Then on March 2 Saturn stationed retrograde at 8:20 AM PST at 23 degrees Scorpio, not strongly aspected to any other planets. Four days later, on March 6,

Jupiter stationed direct at 2:43 AM PST, at 10 degrees Cancer, still opposing Pluto in Capricorn and exactly squaring Uranus in Aries

. The Moon in Taurus, at that moment, opposed Saturn in Scorpio, and both squared Mercury in Aquarius.

Folks, that’s a lot of direction change for one week! Whew! In addition to the changes in direction, we also had Venus move from Capricorn into Aquarius! And for many of us, a lot of wondering “what am I doing….really?” and “where am I going?” I actually had several people call and ask me “what the hell is going on anyway?” When any planet, particularly personal ones, slow and station, there’s a short period like a stall or non-movement, some indecision, but it doesn’t last long and soon we’re off to the races, hardly noticing the blip. When a number of planets slow and station at the same time, that’s an indication of a much larger experience, and people actually notice, look around and wonder, “am I the only one who feels a bit strange here?” Combine that with all the Piscean energy of the New Moon, trine a slowing Jupiter in Cancer, and we also have this sense of mystery surrounding the present state of affairs, a lack of clarity where we thought we knew where we stood.

Despite all the activity during week one of March, we might well call those first days the “calm before the storm.” We are still in the throes of the upcoming huge cardinal grand cross that will be upon us in exact degrees April 20-24. As Jupiter went direct, the tension was high as it formed a T-square with Uranus and Pluto. Mercury was also in a waxing square with Saturn at the time. All of these tense aspects were startlingly reflected in the Russia/Ukraine crisis. Photos of armed Russian soldiers facing off with armed Ukranian soldiers. Stories of Ukrainian soldiers being disarmed and removed from their jobs by the armed Russian soldiers at a base in Crimea, then returning hours later, unarmed, to retake their positions. Media were kept at a distance, so it was/and is difficult to really know what is happening. But everyone can feel the tension building.

The face of Russia in Sochi, seemingly getting along peacefully with all the other nations, quickly became a very different face of Russia in the wake of the revolution in Kiev, one which appeared much like the old Soviet era bully. Which face will Putin decide to carry forward? The U.S. government, meanwhile, is challenged to reject the old ideas of confrontation and retaliation, and take on a new role of modeling the kind of behavior it would like to see in the rest of the world—peacemaking, democratic, finding other than military means to speak its truth. And we hear cries for both the old worn-out models, as well as for new, more measured and less hawkish ones. For me, this is what the square of Pluto and Uranus are truly about—finding new creative ways to express our unique being in the world, releasing the old patterns, and thus transforming life as we know it!

Can we do it? As individuals, families, communities, nations? During the second week of March, as we adjust to Daylight Savings Time, the Sun and Saturn build to a trine, an aspect that allows slow and steady progress toward a positive resolution. As the trine builds, the Moon conjuncts Jupiter and later forms a Grand Trine with the Sun and Saturn, increasing the potential for a positive outcome. At the same time, however, Mercury and Saturn are in a fixed square, which doesn’t necessarily bode well for communications between the major players in a conflict.

There is another potential positive in the chart, however, and that is retrograde Mars within several degrees of the North Node. If we recall last September, when the U.S. administration began calling for military strikes against Syria, the U.S. population, for a change, said no, that’s not where we want this crisis to go. Eventually, more level heads, including oddly enough Mr. Putin, prevailed, and we took action against chemical weapons instead. At that time it was Saturn conjunct the North Node, and Mars in Leo squaring them. Will Mars, now retrograde in Libra, and conjunct the North Node, once again bring about less violent action because we don’t want to find ourselves repeating an old pattern? We can only hope.

Mid-month brings a Full Moon at 26 degrees Virgo on March 16 at 10:08 AM PDT. We’re presented with the dichotomy of the earthly and the spiritual, and holding them both at the same time. The Full Moon in Virgo energy may be more concerned with getting tax information prepared accurately and submitted on time, while the Piscean Sun wants to head to the ballet, beauty, and relaxation. Luckily, both energies can be satisfied.

Venus, by the time of the Full Moon, is sextile Uranus and quincunx Jupiter. Can Venus mediate between the strong urges of Uranus for freedom, and the kingly ambitions of Jupiter? Let’s look at ourselves, and see where an objective heart (Venus in Aquarius) could encourage revolutionary action (Uranus in Aries) that would be mindful of, and act accordingly, for the benefit of the whole realm (Jupiter in Cancer). It’s doable, yes, so let’s do that heart-felt mediation, connect with others, even ones we may disagree with, and come up with a winning outcome for all.

In the third week of the month, Mercury changes signs, and moves into Pisces. The Moon hits a number of key positions, and could reveal to us helpful responses to our need for safety and comfort. On March 17, the Moon in Libra moves into the fourth position of the Cardinal Grand Cross for part of the day, giving us once again a brief preview of the tension and urges that are to come next month. On the 18th, the Moon conjoins Mars and the North Node before moving into Scorpio, reminding us of the retrograde motion of Mars, and therefore the need to be patient, to review plans and not force matters toward conclusion. The following day, the Moon in Scorpio will trine Neptune, then trine Jupiter, and finally, make a square to Venus. We could be quite emotional, yet willing to be with our feelings and not act in self defense. On the 20th, the Moon will conjunct retrograde Saturn, quiet our feelings, and have us want to keep them to ourselves.

March 20 is also the day of the Spring Equinox! The Sun moves into Aries at 10:00 AM PDT. This is a time of balance between night and day, dark and light, and a time to consider what goals you have for the unfolding of the next cycle of seasons. The move of the Sun into fiery Aries usually does jolt the energy a bit, have us realize winter, officially, is over, and spring is in the air!

Also on March 20 Mercury approaches a conjunction with Neptune in Pisces. Thus, for the final week of March, we get the pairing which often brings a deeper capacity for meditation, compassionate thinking, and a feeling of connection with all beings. The down side of this conjunction is that we can also feel confused, spacey, and vulnerable to deception. If possible, take the time during that week to indulge in an experience of beauty: a concert, a trip to view the night sky, a walk into the forest with new spring growth, an art exhibit.

Late in the last week, March 27-28, the Moon moves into Pisces, again giving us a stellium in the watery sign, just as there was when we began the month. But when the Moon shifts into Aries, so does the energy shift strongly, as we prepare for the 2nd New Moon in March, but this time in the sign of Aries. It arrives on March 30, at 10:44 AM PDT. The New Moon, at 9 degrees of Aries, is conjunct Uranus, square Jupiter in Cancer and square Pluto in Capricorn. So much Aries energy could be the “call of the wild,” but it is definitely another preview of the experience of the upcoming exact squares coming in less than a month. Prepare yourselves.

See you next month!


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