March Astrocycles 2013

by Joan Kiley

Joan Kiley AstrologerWe slipped into March rather quietly, with the Sun, 4 planets plus Chiron swimming in Pisces, and the Moon in Libra. The Sun was trine Saturn in Scorpio and sextile Pluto in Capricorn. Uranus in Aries was sextile Jupiter in Gemini. There’s a lot of flowing energy. With so much of the water element, plus Mercury retrograde, it’s clearly a time for introversion, a need for an awareness of one’s own consciousness.

The first 10 days of the month, in the waning phases of the moon, we have the opportunity for releasing, observing, letting go of behaviors, communications, and resentments that have held us back. We can do this with compassion, forgiveness and healing OR we can live in a dreamy fantasyland, hoping someone/something else will do it for us. Either way, we do need to be preparing for a new start.

Pisces is the final sign of the Zodiac, and we’re in the final period of the age of Pisces. Yes, we’ve been “shifting” now for some years, and the shift will continue. These major shifts are not events, but processes of evolution. And there is something special in this current stellium in Neptune-ruled Pisces, with Neptune in its own sign and such an alignment of planets plus Chiron there as well. It isn’t a mere accident that on the final New Moon of the astrological year, we’re adding the Moon to this watery mix, for a dramatic line-up of 7 major celestial bodies! It is a message from the universe. It is one of those critical “moments” of our evolution, and we’ll be so much better off not letting it just pass us by.

Yes, the new Aquarian Age may well have cooperation and collective responsibility as signatures, but none of us will likely be very cooperative or responsible without doing our own individual inner work. And right now is an almost perfect moment to own some of the “imperfections” of our perfect whole! And with kindness and compassion to boot! Piscean energy, readily available now, will assist us in this work. Don’t be afraid. There is plenty of help if we ask for it.

Have you, like me, been feeling overwhelmed with the unnecessary scariness of the state of the planet herself, feeling sadness about unnecessary wars, feeling helpless about the unnecessary suffering of far too many people and other beings in the world? You notice I use the word “unnecessary.” That was not a random word choice. I use it because we as humans have the potential to be and do so much better than this. But too many of our species are clinging to belief systems of the old Piscean age that are not only worn out and dated, but actually killing us. This is a collective, as well as individual issue of denial, defiance, and clinging to negative ego. (Some humans are better than others. Humans are more important than all other beings. I want what’s mine, and the rest be damned. My way is the only way. Climate change is a hoax, etc) We must begin to believe in the connectedness of us all, and begin to live our beliefs.

On March 11, at 11:50 AM PST, we’ll have the New Moon in Pisces. That means a massive stellium in Pisces with Jupiter squaring Chiron, retrograde Mercury and Mars at the very end of Pisces, about to move to the Aries point! Take a moment from your busy day and vision a world you truly want to live in. New Moons are seed times, new beginnings. Go ahead and imagine, dream, even for a moment! You won’t regret it. And neither will your fellow beings.

By 11:30 PM PST that same day, Mars moves into Aries, breaking the chain of planets in Pisces. Within hours, the Moon too, moves into Aries. The energy shifts abruptly, with Mars in its own sign, bringing more energy to the body, presaging the oncoming Spring equinox, and a Mars conjunction with Uranus. There is still plenty of Pisces energy about, with the Sun, Venus, Chiron, retrograde Mercury and Neptune remaining in Pisces. Saturn is still trine to the Piscean energy, helping to restructure the emotional body to the changes being required.”

For the week following the New Moon, we see a Yod forming between Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter, the same Yod we saw formed at the Winter Solstice in December. This one stays through the end of the month. At the Solstice, it was Jupiter that was retrograde. This time it is Saturn. This time Jupiter’s faith in life is moving forward, and gets an emotional boost on the 17th when the moon moves through Gemini. With Mars only a few degrees from Uranus in Aries, there is a renewed sense that “yes, I can do this. We can do this.” We can be the change we want to see in the world!

On that same day, March 17, at 1:03 PM PDT, Mercury stations direct. Officially, it will be direct, but until it moves out of its “shadow” phase (April 5), which means until it reaches the degree it was when it went retrograde, we may still feel a bit of the awkwardness of the retrograde phase. Don’t be too quick to sign a contract or hire a new employee unless you started the process prior to the retrograde phase.

The big news, however, is in Aries. While Mars keeps moving closer and closer to Uranus, we are also moving closer to the annual Spring Equinox, the moment when the Sun itself hits the Aries point and we begin the new astrological year! This year it is on March 20, at 4:02 AM PDT. Celebrate Spring!

I wouldn’t make your celebration a bunjee jump from a bridge or a sky dive from a plane, although your risky act might go smoothly. With Mars and Uranus exactly conjunct on March 22nd, we may feel edgy, daring, even a bit like we want to bust out of the skin we’ve been wearing. But go easy, because Mars and Uranus have an association with accidents and mishaps. Don’t forget to remain aware and conscious of your actions. A long run, some hiking, dancing or yoga…all good ways of using your excess energy should you find yourself with some.

Also on March 22, Venus joins Mars, Uranus and the Sun in Aries. During the final week of the month, all that Aries spring-like energy may try and make us forget all that inner work we were doing at the beginning of the month. Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter, however, will still be prodding our psyches to pay attention to the changes we need to make, and encouraging us to keep some part of our vision for a better world on the agenda.

On March 27, at 2:26 AM PDT, we’ll have the Full Moon in Libra. The ruler of Libra, Venus, is exactly conjunct the Sun at the time. Uranus is just 2 degrees away, Mars only 5 degrees away. Very strong Aries energy, much of it difficult, and all of it opposing the Moon. Pluto at 11 degrees Capricorn will form a T-square to the whole configuration. Mars, strong in its own sign, exactly squares Pluto, and the restless energy wants to be released. Better to release the energy in a conscious way, by exercising or singing or playing music, than let it get the better of you in argument.

We might think of romance with a Libra Full Moon, and romance there could be. But with all that Aries energy squared with Pluto, I can’t help but think of the “warrior” archetype here, and more challenges than romance in relationships. We might also see some sudden difficult situations arise in the political and/or military spheres. We need to think positive here, but expect the unexpected.

By March 29, the Mars/Uranus conjunction has eased, but Mars and Pluto still square. The Moon conjoins Saturn and forms a quincunx to the Sun/Venus conjunction. Sun and Venus are square to Pluto for the remainder of the month. Adjustments in the relationship department are required. Finances may be involved, and may need tweaking as well. Communications are delicate, but can be transforming. Kindness and a willingness to listen will get you much further than insisting on “my way or the highway.” This may seem like common sense, but often with a lot of Aries energy, common sense is not the first tool to come out of the toolbox.

What a powerful beginning to the astrological year, and the cycle of Spring. May the changes you initiate be healing for you and the world.

See you in April!

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