Make the Most of the Year End Cycles

by Madeline Gerwick

Madeline Gerwick AstrologerWe just had a Lunar Eclipse on November 28th. This eclipse was at 6 degrees Gemini. So if you have a planet or personal point in your chart between 2 – 10 degrees Gemini or Sagittarius, then this eclipse will impact you directly. The primary meaning of this eclipse is that you will happily accept a new responsibility, which generally requires a commitment. This could include, but is not limited to, pregnancy, birth, new job/career, starting a new company or a major project, or purchasing a new home or property. Or perhaps you will decide to take care of someone else.

Lunar eclipses are Full Moon eclipses, and Full Moons are times when we get the full picture. Many decisions are made close to the Full Moon for this reason. Lunar eclipses are also often related to something that’s completing or coming into its fullness. Since lunar eclipses are related to the Moon, they can also be a time when you encounter emotional patterns or issues more intensely. As with all eclipses, related events can occur up to 30 days prior to or after the actual eclipse itself. In this case the eclipse window is from October 28th – December 28th.

This eclipse included a cycle that’s associated with over-expansion. Sometimes an opportunity can seem a lot better than it will turn out to be. We call this fool’s gold. So this cycle, which is Sun opposite Jupiter, requires you to be discerning. You may have a valuable opportunity or it might just be your fool's gold. This is especially true since we don’t have a highly functioning Jupiter at the moment. Jupiter, which is associated with growth and abundance, is normally viewed as a good planet. But this Jupiter is not only in a sign where he’s incompetent, he’s also retrograde and probably doing things he shouldn’t be doing. However, with all that in mind, you might still have the best opportunity you’ve found in awhile but you need to consider whether you can really make it work.

Here’s another tip about this Eclipse. In the eclipse chart, there was an easy way around any obstacles that presented. This is represented by the cycles of Sun trine Uranus and Moon sextile Uranus, with the Moon conjunct Jupiter. Essentially you might be able to make your opportunity work with a new technology, or perhaps an unusual person has the method to make it all work. So if you can find that easy way around the issue, then it might be worth doing. But you'll still have to use your discerning skills to decide.

The cycle of Sun opposite Jupiter is in range at the beginning of December, which is the potential to over-expand. That cycle peaks on December 2nd. The other important cycle now is Sun trine Uranus, which relates to connecting with an unusual person or technology to make the opportunity work, though that cycle has already peaked. Both cycles stay in range through December 2nd. So between now and Sunday you can still make your growth opportunity work if you find an easy way around the challenges.

Now over the Thanksgiving holiday and this past week, you might have noticed that we had some energies associated with anger, and even rage. Hopefully you didn’t get tripped up by them. These energies, Mars conjunct Pluto and both of them square Uranus, are behind that 140 car pile-up in Texas on Thanksgiving. Accidents, anger, and explosions are all associated with these energies. Fortunately, these cycles peaked between November 23 and 27. So they are finally getting better. However they stay in range through December 5, so be safe while driving. These energies are useful for making breakthroughs, assuming you don’t explode first!

Next, I'll point out another set of cycles which present good opportunities. The first one is an opportunity for transforming structures that are worn out and need to be replaced. This is the cycle of Saturn sextile Pluto, which will be with us for quite awhile into next year. At the moment, this cycle is being assisted by the additional cycles of Venus conjunct Saturn, when long-term relationships and partnerships can form. This is still in range now through Sunday, December 2nd and it’s been in range since November 21st.

In addition, both Venus and Saturn have been trine to Chiron, suggesting that a long-term partnership could be forming which could make a lot of money over a long period of time. That stays in range through tomorrow, December 1st. On top of all that, Venus is sextile to Mars, suggesting that we know how to get what we want and we can do so easily. So this is a great time to do your holiday shopping. This cycle can be great fun for romance too! This cycle has already peaked and it stays in range through December 5th.

Madeline Gerwick's Good Timing Guide

Finally, we have a cycle coming into range on December 5 which can indicate unexpected, but entrenched, financial challenges. This cycle is Venus sesquiquadrate Uranus, and it may show up in the United States as the debt ceiling crisis gets closer and fears about the fiscal cliff increase. This could mean that stock markets continue to drop. So be careful to stay within your budget when you do your holiday shopping, or you might have some of these unexpected and entrenched financial challenges. This cycle peaks on December 7 and stays in range through December 8. This cycle is exacerbated by the fact that you may find yourself compulsively spending money. This is related to the cycles of Venus septile Pluto and biseptile Neptune. So money can just run through your fingers. The good news though is that these cycles can also be great for romance and passion. So I hope you can enjoy that!