Lunar Eclipse on April 25th

by Madeline Gerwick

Madeline Gerwick AstrologerOn April 25th we have the first of three eclipses. This is the first of two Full Moon eclipses (the second one will be on May 24th). At Full Moons, things come to light. We see the full picture and many decisions are often made during these periods, precisely for this reason. We get all the facts and can finally decide. However, when we have a lunar eclipse, something is not seen, or something may be prevented or delayed.

This eclipse is at 5 degrees Scorpio and 46 minutes. If you have a planet or personal point between 1 – 9 degrees of Scorpio or 1- 9 degrees of Taurus, then you will definitely feel an impact from this eclipse. The primary meaning of this eclipse is related to releasing tension, particularly of a longstanding issue.

Madeline Gerwick's Good Timing NewsletterThe chart for this eclipse is full of easy solutions to challenges. There is money, power, and energy to accomplish whatever is desired. Even the people needed to do the work are there. However, the revolutionary or earth change energies are also strong in this chart (Uranus in the 7th house square Pluto in the 4th). So unexpected disruptions are also likely.

The chart for Washington DC shows that tension is likely to be released in the areas of the country’s finances and debt issues. This is also likely to extend to tension being released in Congress. There are still strong, entrenched issues with leaders warring (Sun and Mars sesquiquadrate the ASC), but they have some easy ways around their issues. Let’s hope they make good use of them.

Uranus, is not good for details! Who needs them when you have the whole solution?Just take the idea and run with it. The downside of this cycle is it’s also associated with car accidents or making career-limiting statements. So be CAREFUL when driving and speaking! This cycle comes into range on December 29th, peaks on January 3rd and stays in range through Jan 7th.

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